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Moon moths were nocturnal flying insects with antennae and two thin, powder-blue[1] wings. About 8 centimeters tall with six legs and red eyes, moon moths were known for their seemingly random flight patterns, and the insects were also particularly tiny, as a moon moth was barely the size of a Human's finger. Moon moths were known as pests to the galaxy for thousands of years before the rise of the Galactic Empire, and the creatures possessed a prodigious capacity to adapt and breed in any environment: once the species arrived on a planet, it would find a place in the world's ecosystem and begin to thrive. The moth's prevalence made it impossible for scientists to determine which planet or star system the moth originated in. Because of the moth's prevalance, Arakyd Industries developed a espionage droid of the same name]] that was identical to the moon moth, a trait that made it nearly impossible to differentiate the droid from a normal insect.[2] The Kubaz species considered dried moon moths to be a delicacy, and the Jedi Master Arjur developed a craving for them after spending decades among the Kubaz.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Moon moths were first mentioned with the appearance of the espionage droid in the novel Darksaber, and further appearances of the droid have been accompanied by mentions of the insect.



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