"My source came through! He provided us with the coordinates for a secret, decommissioned New Republic impound on the moon of Avedot…there's supposed to be a cache of weapons confiscated from pirates that's been sitting there for years!"
―Poe Dameron[src]

The moon of Avedot was a mountainous moon in the Colonies region that hosted Base 354-23X, a New Republic impound. The impound was eventually decommissioned, but still held a cache of confiscated weapons. While searching for supplies for the Resistance during the war against the First Order, Finn and Poe Dameron went on a mission to raid the impound. They were pursued by the Kendoh Gang, a crew of bounty hunters who wished to turn Finn over to the First Order to collect his bounty. The Kendoh Gang were almost successful in capturing both Finn and Dameron, but the Resistance operatives managed to escape with most of the impounded weapons.


A terrestrial moon that orbited[3] the Colonies planet[1] Avedot, the moon of Avedot was covered in rocky mountainous terrain. Its atmosphere was breathable, both to humans and other species, including Aqualish and Clawdites.[3]


"The presence of the First Order doesn't just complicate things—it raises the stakes. Do you think they forgot about our botched job on the moon of Avedot?"
Remex Io, to Kendoh Voss[src]

During the New Republic Era, the New Republic operated the impound[4] Base 354-23X[3] on the moon of Avedot, storing confiscated weapons[4] and vehicles.[3] The New Republic eventually collapsed after the First Order's destruction of the Hosnian system,[5] and the impound was decommissioned.[4]

Moon of Avedot

The Kendoh Gang arrive on the moon of Avedot, approaching Base 354-23X.

During their war against the First Order, the Resistance wished to acquire supplies and weapons. Poe Dameron and Finn of the Resistance were sent to meet with a contact on the Wayward Comet refueling station, and the contact informed them of a cache of confiscated weapons that were stored in the impound.[4] They traveled to the moon with a team of operatives, but were pursued by the notorious Kendoh Gang, whose leader, Kendoh Voss, sought to turn Finn over to the First Order and collect the bounty on him. Finn and Dameron managed to locate the cache of weapons, though found themselves trapped in the base by the bounty hunters.[3]

While the mercenaries pursued Finn through Base 354-23X, Dameron loaded the supplies aboard the Resistance ship.[6] When Voss approached Dameron, intent on capturing the bounties on both Resistance operatives, Dameron's droid BB-8 rolled a thermal detonator into the base, setting it off. While the explosion allowed Dameron to escape, it began to trigger the remaining weapons, causing the base to become unstable. Finn and Dameron managed to escape the bounty hunters, who similarly evacuated the base before it was destroyed.[7] The stormtroopers of the Red Fury on Batuu held animosity towards the Kendoh Gang because of their failure,[8] while a sergeant of the Red Fury believed that the gang's failure was not a mistake, due to their arrival on Batuu coinciding with the presence of Resistance operatives.[9]


"Uh, are you sure this dump was even a New Republic impound? Looks like it could date back to the Old Republic…"

Base 354-23X, an impound for the New Republic, was situated on a mountainside on the moon of Avedot,[3] but the ammunition and detonators it contained were set to explode during the Resistance's skirmish with the Kendoh Gang.[7]

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The moon of Avedot was first mentioned in Galaxy's Edge 2, a comic written by Ethan Sacks and published by Marvel Comics[2] on May 22, 2019.[10] It first appeared in Allegiance 2, a comic also written by Sacks, illustrated by Luke Ross, and published by Marvel Comics[3] on October 16, 2019.[11]


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