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"My source came through! He provided us with the coordinates for a secret, decommissioned New Republic impound on the moon of Avedot…there's supposed to be a cache of weapons confiscated from pirates that's been sitting there for years!"
―Poe Dameron[src]

The moon of Avedot was a mountainous moon that hosted Base 354-23X, a New Republic impound.[1] The impound was eventually decommissioned, but still held a cache of confiscated weapons. While searching for supplies for the Resistance after the Battle of Crait, Finn and Poe Dameron went on a mission to raid the impound after learning of it from a contact on the Wayward Comet refueling station.[2]

The Kendoh Gang, led by the scoundrel Kendoh Voss, had an unsuccessful job involving the First Order on the moon. When witnessing the presence of the First Order in Black Spire Outpost on Batuu, Remex Io, one of Voss' associates, was worried that they would remember the botched job.[3] The stormtroopers of the Red Fury held animosity towards the crew because of the job, eager to catch Io when he was reported by Varg, an enforcer for the collector Dok-Ondar.[4] A sergeant of the Red Fury believed that the gang's failure was not a mistake, due to their arrival on Batuu coinciding with the presence of Resistance operatives.[5]

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The moon of Avedot was first mentioned in Galaxy's Edge 2, a 2019 comic written by Ethan Sacks[3] and published on May 22, 2019.[6]


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