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Moonglow, also known as moonbeam, was a pear-like fruit the size of a Human fist that came from a single grove of trees in a certain forest on a small satellite world more than a hundred lightyears from Coruscant. All efforts to transplant the trees failed.


The crisp, delicious flesh of the moonglow was extremely poisonous in its raw form. A single slice contained enough poison to kill a thousand beings within a minute, and there was no known antidote.


There was a unique, ninety-seven step method of preparing the moonglow which removed the poison and made it edible. A chef must have spent at least two years learning the technique from a Master Moonglow Chef before they could obtain a license to prepare it themselves. Restaurants which chose to serve moonglow had to display their own license, which indicated to patrons that the chefs who worked there had been trained in the preparation. All of this licensing and training was necessary because, if one step was omitted or performed in error, the entire process was forfeited. Improperly prepared moonglow might lead to anything from a mild stomachache to a hallucinatory coma, followed by death.

As a status symbolEdit

Because of its rarity and copious preparation, moonglow cost a thousand credits per fruit. Xizor prided himself on having enough wealth to be able to eat it at his leisure. He had the most respected moonglow chef in the galaxy on his payroll, and generally ate the fruit three or four times a month.

The slight possibility of danger while consuming the fruit made its taste more interesting to him.



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