Moonglow-72, tagged Imperial Provisional 72 and Renegade One by the Galactic Empire, and Expedient by Kanan Jarrus, was a mining transport ship owned by Moonglow Polychemical. It was used by Jarrus to transport baradium bisulfate from Gorse City on Gorse to its moon Cynda where the substance was detonated to free large quantities of thorilide.[1]

Jarrus used the transport to nudge a transport that was hanging from the edge of its docking bay, to the dismay of its pilot. Later, after several explosions rocked the mines of Cynda, Jarrus returned the transport to Gorse, with bombing suspect Skelly as its stowaway. Jarrus strapped Skelly to one of its acceleration seats, having pounded the belt buckle until it was bent and unusable.[1]

Jarrus dropped the transport off to Gord Grallik for the last time and offered the bomber Skelly as his farewell gift. It was then flown by Hera Syndulla to the Calcoraan system and back to pick up baradium-357 per Imperial mandate, then was used for her and Jarrus to board the Forager.[1]

It was ultimately destroyed by Skelly when he used the baradium-357 onboard to kill Count Vidian, resulting in a huge explosion that killed both the Count and Skelly himself, as well as destroying the Forager.[1]

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