The Moonstone District was a district in the city of Ussa on the planet Bellassa. Like the other districts in the city, its name came from the lake that it contained.


Moonstone Lake was the most distant of the Ussa lakes, and thus was the farthest from The Commons and the central government of Ussa. After the Galactic Empire took control of Bellassa, much of the planet's black market relocated to the Moonstone district. Much of the district fell into disrepair, and it took on a grimy appearance that made most beings shy away from its streets. However, the continued growth of the black market was a constant thorn in the side of the Imperial forces on Bellassa, which seemed powerless to stop it. Members of the black market, and those who wanted to gain access to it, used a simple signal to identify themselves: they walked through the Moonstone district holding a cup of tea in their left hand, but never actually drinking from it.


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