Minister Mooren was a Human male from the planet of Danoor. He was one of the four government ministers who ruled the planet and, like his compatriots, was responsible for the well-being of five hundred thousand citizens.

Mooren was also a member of the Danoor Resistance, and opposed Minister Waric Nane's plans to enact a totalitarian regime across the planet. Aware that Nane had met with a representative from the Galactic Empire, he feared that he had struck a bargain to crush the Resistance. Luckily, the arrival of the FarStar gave him hope, and he attempted to recruit the crew to his cause. During a meeting with representatives of the crew, Mooren left a datapad on his chair for the crewmembers to retrieve. Encoded on the datapad was information concerning the deal between Nane and the Empire, as well as a request to transmit a message into the Kathol Rift from a specific set of coordinates to call the Resistance's single ally to help them.

During the Battle of Danoor, Mooren, an accomplished pilot, led six of the Resistance's modified Headhunters against Imperial forces. However, they disengaged from battle when a Devastator torpedo fired from a Star Destroyer impacted upon the surface of the planet.



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