"Welcome to Moraga. My name's Morfizo. And you are…?"
―Morfizo, to Kanan Jarrus[src]

Moraga was a jungle planet located in the galaxy that was the homeworld of the Moragan species.


After parting ways with Janus Kasmir on Kaller, the former Jedi Padawan Caleb Dume landed on Moraga in the Escape. He was greeted by the Moragan Morfizo, and introduced himself as Kanan Jarrus.[2] Jarrus left the Escape with Morfizo and his family, who looked after the ship for him.[1]

Vice Admiral Rae Sloane, who had encountered Jarrus on Gorse, tracked his history backwards, ending up on Moraga with Morfizo. Finding out that Morfizo was affiliated with a rebel cell, she arrested him and took him to Lahn, where he was imprisoned in an Imperial outpost. His wife, Morfizia, sent a message to Jarrus, who traveled to Moraga with Ezra Bridger and the Kalleran provincial governor Gamut Key. Jarrus and Bridger took the Escape to Lahn and rescued Morfizo, while Morfizo's family were taken to Kaller and given new identities.[1]

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