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The Moralan were a sentient species who lived on the planet Moralan in Hutt Space. They were enslaved by the Hutt species but freed themselves and formed a republic with encouragement from the Tionese. The Hutts later reconquered the republic and drove the Moralan to extinction during the Xim Wars.

Biology and appearance[]

The Moralan were a sentient species.[1]

Society and culture[]

For some time, the Moralan served as slaves to the Hutt species, who controlled Hutt Space, where the Moralan homeworld was located. After they freed themselves from slavery with encouragement from the Tionese,[2] the Moralan established an independent republic,[1] which was controlled by a body known as the Parliament of Moralan.[3]


The Moralan were native to the planet Moralan,[1] located in the Moralan system.[2] The species' homeworld fell within the region of the galaxy known as Hutt Space as early as 25,127 BBY, and they were enslaved by the Hutts who controlled that region.[1] The Moralan freed themselves and threw off their overlords with encouragement from the Tionese, foes of the Hutts who moved forces into the Moralan system during the Xim Wars,[2] fought between 25,102 BBY and 25,096 BBY.[1]

The Moralan founded an independent republic[1] led by a body known as the Parliament of Moralan.[3] However, once the Tionese withdrew their forces from the system after the Second Battle of Vontor,[2] a Hutt named Boonta Hestilic Shad'ruu conquered the Moralan republic in a three-day battle.[3] Boonta then drove the species extinct by sterilizing the planet Moralan[2] as a lesson to other slave species who might consider rebellion.[4] Boonta's victory against the Moralan was later celebrated with a holiday named after him—Boonta's Eve, which lasted three days, just as the battle had.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The Moralan were first mentioned indirectly as a parliament in an article by Rich Handley and Abel G. Peña on the Star Wars: Droids TV series in issue 170 of the Polyhedron roleplaying magazine, which was released in June 2004.[3] They were then named as a species in the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas, by Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace.[1]


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