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"How dare you disrespect Moralo Eval!"
―Moralo Eval[5]

Moralo Eval, a male Phindian, was a criminal mastermind and serial killer active during the final years of the Galactic Republic. Loathsome and sociopathic from a young age, Eval was a twisted genius who invented the Box, an enormous cubical structure with a shifting interior designed to test the skills of bounty hunters. During the Clone Wars, a galaxy-wide conflict between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Eval teamed up with the leader of the Confederacy, Count Dooku, in a risky scheme to kidnap Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, the head of the Republic.

Though Eval carefully calculated his plot, he was arrested by the Republic and put into prison on Coruscant. Together with the bounty hunters Cad Bane and Rako Hardeen, Eval escaped confinement and narrowly avoided capture on Nal Hutta and Orondia while on the run. The trio eventually made their way to Serenno to meet with Dooku. Eval tested a large group of bounty hunters in the Box but was increasingly angered by Dooku's disappointment in the final product and Hardeen's ability to outsmart his simulations. Eval tried to kill Hardeen out of spite but found himself forced to fight the hunter when Dooku took control of the Box. Hardeen managed to beat Eval, whose failures resulted in Dooku demoting him from leading the plot to the role of getaway driver.

Now led by Bane, the team of bounty hunters traveled to Naboo to kidnap the Chancellor. Though the plan went awry at first due to the Republic's advanced knowledge of the plot, Bane managed to secure the Chancellor and bring him to Eval. Eval and Bane went to a designated rendevous point to meet with Dooku, only to find the count absent. Republic forces tracked the two down, where it was revealed that Hardeen was actually Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi in disguise, having reported the plan to Jedi authorities. Abandoned by Dooku and surrounded by Republic forces, Eval and Bane were rearrested and brought back into custody.


Early life[]

"Eval killed his mother when he was only a boy. Told the authorities he did it because he was bored."
―Jedi Master Mace Windu on Moralo Eval's reputation[4]

Moralo Eval was a serial killer with a reputation as a deranged genius.

Moralo Eval was born on the planet Phindar,[1] the homeworld of the Phindian species.[6] Some accounts described Eval as a sociopath from birth.[7] By the time he was a child, he displayed such tendencies and violent behavior, which were unusual for a Phindian. Though Phindian culture placed special importance on family, Eval killed his mother in cold blood.[8] When he was apprehended, he told the authorities that he committed the murder out of boredom.[2] For the crime, Eval received a life sentence of imprisonment.[7] Because the Phindians had no system of properly dealing with such transgressions, the justice system opted to delicately psychoanalyze Eval. Their compassionate attempts to understand the underpinnings of Eval's behavior, rather than punish him for his crimes, led to lax security conditions[8] that Eval plotted to exploit. Soon after his imprisonment, he crafted an escape plan and was able to break free from his prison, beginning his life as a fugitive.[7]

Now freed from his confinement, Eval went on to commit several more murders,[8] each with more elaborate planning. In the beginning, however, his arrogance led to several more arrests. Because of Eval's meticulous plans for his premeditated murders, no judicial or police establishment could prove that he had committed a crime, so Eval's original crime, the murder of his mother, was used to put him back behind bars. Each arrest only temporarily hindered Eval's criminal path, as he escaped each time.[7] The serial murderer eventually elected to evade law enforcement entirely, and his crafty brilliance at doing so gained him a reputation as a criminal mastermind.[8] Eval's time as a fugitive gave him a sharp survival instinct, as well as technical and engineering skills, but his years spent on the run also left him deranged, and he developed many odd mannerisms.[2] Despite his disturbed nature, he remained renowned for his genius and became one of the most loathed criminals in the Galactic Republic.[8]

The plot of the millennium[]

Interrupted preparations[]

"What do you want from me?"
"A man like you, there's bigger game than Jedi, if you've got the guts."
"I'm listening."
"It's a brilliant plan if I do say so, and it involves the Chancellor."
―Rako Hardeen and Moralo Eval[4]
Moralo Eval Mugshot SaV

Moralo Eval's mugshot.

By the time of the Clone Wars, a galaxy-wide war between the Republic and its splinter state, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Eval remained a fugitive from justice.[8] The leader of the Confederacy, Count Dooku, enlisted Eval to take part in his plan to strike at Republic leadership.[9] Together with Dooku, Eval conceived a plan to kidnap the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, Sheev Palpatine at the Festival of Light on Naboo.[5] With the Separatist resources at his disposal, Eval designed and engineered the "Box," a massive cubical structure meant to test candidates for the mission to the limits of their abilities.[9] Inside the enormous cube, Eval created a shifting series of simulations designed to test the suitability of bounty hunters for his plan. The Box was controlled at a command center within the structure, where Eval could arrange the configuration of different scenarios and the pattern of tests as he desired. Also from this command center, Eval and Dooku could watch the tournament from numerous monitors.[10] The giant machine was built deep inside Dooku's palace on his homeworld, Serenno, where it was kept hidden as well.[11] While their planning was underway, however,[4] Eval was arrested by a police detachment on Denon. Eval was remanded to authorities on the Republic capital Coruscant for processing, and he was imprisoned at the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center under maximum security.[8]

While Eval was in prison, rumors about a plot to kidnap the Chancellor spread throughout the Republic. An inexplicable processing error gave Eval contact to other prisoners, rather than keeping him confined to solitary as had been ordered.[8] To help free Eval, bounty hunter Cad Bane was hired and arranged to have himself arrested and brought to prison. Eval made a deal with Bane to break him out of prison in return for both payment and inclusion in his plan to kidnap Palpatine. Using his influence over the guards, Eval and Bane soon shared a cell. Eval's arrest coincided with another of a notorious criminal: Rako Hardeen, who was arrested for the murder of Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Hardeen's reputation preceded him and caused a stir among the other prisoners. Unknown to any but the Jedi High Council was that "Hardeen" was in fact Kenobi, who was undercover to investigate Eval's plan.[4]

One day during his lunch block, Eval took an interest in Hardeen, who sat on the opposite end of the same table as him. During an argument, Hardeen stabbed a Karkarodon prisoner with a fork, delighting Eval. The criminal mastermind walked over to Hardeen and sat across from him. After commenting on his reputation, Eval asked Hardeen if he had killed Kenobi for money or revenge. Hardeen shrugged and replied that he was bored. Eval chuckled and handed Hardeen a bottle of sauce, which he stated would make the disgusting food taste "almost tolerable." Having learned what he wanted to, Eval stood up and told Hardeen that they would see each other again.[4]

Later that day, Eval used his sway with the guards to have Hardeen brought to his cell, where he awaited him while Bane slept. When Hardeen arrived, he sarcastically noted the coincidence of him being in the same cell as Eval. Eval told him that it was no coincidence and introduced himself, then added that he had great influence within the prison. Hardeen asked Eval what he had done this for. Wanting to know if he would be interested in joining his plot, Eval propositioned Hardeen on the idea of hunting bigger prey than Jedi, intriguing the bounty hunter. Eval began explaining his plan, though he only got to mention that it involved the Chancellor when Bane woke up. Interrupting the conversation, Bane told Eval that it would cost him double if he had to break out Hardeen as well. Eval introduced Hardeen to Bane, who mocked the hunter's fame for killing a Jedi with a sniper and not face-to-face. When Hardeen retorted, Bane told Eval that breaking him out would cost triple his rate with Hardeen involved. Eval proceeded to state that the cell wasn't big enough for all three and called the prison guards to take Hardeen away. Before Hardeen left, Eval pulled him close and told him to forget everything he heard, or he would have him killed.[4]


Eval, Bane, and Kenobi escape the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center on Coruscant.

The next day, Eval and Bane began preparing for their escape. Bane hired a pair of bounty hunters named Boba Fett and his mentor, Bossk, to start a fight with Hardeen.[12] While Eval and Bane sat for lunch, Fett walked up to Hardeen and, after an argument, entered a fistfight. Hardeen gained the upper hand, but Bossk entered the fray and threw him across a table. The prison guards mobilized to stop them, but Bossk attacked them as well. The other prisoners in the dining hall cheered Bossk on, and a riot ensued. As the prisoners began revolting against the guards, Eval asked Bane what they were to do. Bane quickly explained his plan and ushered the criminal mastermind to a doorway that had been breached by the rioters. Eval and Bane stealthily evaded guards while walking down the prison halls, where Hardeen caught up to them. Despite Bane's protests, Eval let Hardeen join them, saying that he could prove useful in their escape. Bane led the trio to a morgue facility that led to the crematorium, but his attempts to break the lock failed, which enraged Eval. Hardeen volunteered to rewire the lock and asked Eval and Bane to keep a lookout. After a few moments, he unlocked the door, and the three criminals reconvened inside the morgue. Bane told them to get inside the body containers, which would bring them straight to the crematorium.[4]

In the crematory, the clones stationed there noticed that the pods had vital signs and went to check them. After opening Bane's, the bounty hunter jumped out of his container and began assaulting the clones. Hardeen and Eval joined him, with Eval savagely beating one man with his fists. Hardeen, meanwhile, hesitated to shoot one of the clones, which allowed him to alert the prison. Bane led Eval and Hardeen out of the crematorium to an unloading zone outside the prison, where they stole a police vehicle and flew off to a landing platform elsewhere. The trio stole away into a starship, where Eval began preparing for takeoff. Once they entered the atmosphere, Eval turned to Hardeen and commended his work in the escape, and told him that there could be a role in his plans for him after all.[4]

On the run[]

Hardeen: "You thought you left me for dead, but the Hutts owed me a favor."
Bane: "So you had them shoot us down?"
Hardeen: "You would've done the same thing, Bane. The way I see it, we're even now."
Eval: "Now that we're all friends, get me off this festering stink-hole!"
―Hardeen, Bane, and Eval[13]

Eval, Bane, and Hardeen purchase new gear after fleeing Coruscant.

Once away from Coruscant, Eval and the bounty hunters traveled to Nal Hutta, the homeworld of the Hutt Clan, where they could get a new ship. Upon entering the atmosphere of Nal Hutta, however, Hardeen began speeding towards the swamps below. Bane demanded to know what Hardeen was doing, and the hunter replied that there would be law enforcement at every spaceport looking for the trio and that they had to ditch the ship. Eval did not share Bane's incredulity and agreed with Hardeen that they had no choice but to do so. Hardeen pulled the ship parallel to the planet's surface, and, as it continued to race to the swamp, it crashed into several giant roots and skidded into a pond. Once they gained their bearings after the crash, Eval, Bane, and Hardeen began ascending to the top of the ship. Outside the wreckage, Hardeen explained that the swamp would swallow the ship whole. Eval understood and said that it would mean there would be no trace of the crash, then commented that he likes a man who plans ahead, though when the three criminals climbed down the side of the ship, he asked if there was a plan at all. Hardeen told him that they could get a ship at Bilbousa Bazaar, but that they would have to buy one to keep the authorities off their tail. Bane added that they would have to ditch their prison outfits as well.[13]

The three walked to Bilbousa, where they noticed the local Hutt security forces beating a group of Weequay. Eval noticed them and briefly stopped Bane and Hardeen, then proceeded to continue on their way carefully. Bane led them to Pablo's pawnshop, where they could buy new gear and weapons. Each of the fugitives purchased new clothing and armor, but Bane was disappointed with the selection of blasters. Pablo told him that he should not be picky since he was on the run, which in turn made Bane assault the Rodian and threaten him to keep quiet. Outside the shop, Hardeen told Bane that Pablo was probably calling the Hutts. Eval nervously looked to a group of Gamorrean guards, but Bane put his hand on his shoulder and told him to relax, reasoning that they would escape notice because everyone on Nal Hutta was an outlaw.[13]


Eval pays for a ship at Bilbousa Bazaar.

Bane proposed splitting up, which would make it more difficult for the local authorities to locate them. He tasked Hardeen with purchasing a new ship while he and Eval bought weapons, but Hardeen protested that he would get the weapons. Bane pointed out that, since Hardeen crashed the last ship, he would have to get a new one. Eval agreed, and the group split up. While Eval and Bane walked away from Hardeen, Bane told Eval that they would ditch Hardeen as soon as they had a ship. When Eval questioned this, Bane explained that they would throw him to the Hutts while they made their escape. Eval stopped walking and turned to Bane, asking if his decision was business or personal, to which Bane said that it was both.[13]

After buying weapons, Eval and Bane went to a starship dealer, where they met up with Hardeen. Hardeen had just finished negotiating for a ship and told Eval that they could leave as soon as he paid for it. As Eval paid the Bith salesperson, Hardeen asked Bane where his weapons were. Bane bluntly told him that they didn't get any for him because he wasn't coming along. Eval explained that Bane didn't want to split his fee for breaking him out of prison, then gleefully added that he despised Hardeen. Hardeen demanded his reward, but Eval raised his hands and told him that the matter was between him and Bane. As Eval boarded the ship, Pablo and a group of Hutt authorities arrived to arrest the three fugitives. Bane kicked Hardeen off the ship while Eval prepared for takeoff. As Hardeen was arrested, Eval and Bane flew away from the compound. During their escape from Bilbousa, Eval contacted Dooku and apologized for his delay. Eval assured Dooku that he would reach Serenno soon, but Dooku warned him that he would not accept any more excuses and that they had a short time left to enact their plan.[13]

After promising Dooku that he would have no more excuses, Eval returned to the cockpit and sat next to Bane. Bane, echoing Dooku's words, told Eval that he had no more excuses not to pay him. Eval explained that he had very few credits left after paying for the weapons and the ship, but assured Bane that he would be paid once they reached Serenno. Suddenly, the ship rocked with an explosion and began to malfunction. Eval asked Bane who was attacking them, and Bane exclaimed that it was the Hutts as a trio of Hutt ships flew overhead. Eval questioned how they found them so quickly. Bane realized that it must have been Hardeen trying to even the score. The Hutt ships continued their barrage, frying the engines. Bane told Eval that they would have to turn back.[13]


Eval and Bane attempt to escape Nal Hutta after abandoning Hardeen.

They managed to direct the crash near Bilbousa, and returned to the city shortly after. While walking through the crowded streets, they noticed Hardeen sitting outside a saloon. Bane ran up and grabbed Hardeen, then slammed him against a wall. Hardeen threatened that if they killed him, they would never get off Nal Hutta. Eval angrily shoved Bane away from the bounty hunter and said that he was running out of time and patience and growled to let the man speak. Hardeen told Eval that he had a ship available for them to use, but only on the condition that he be made a partner in the scheme. Eval sighed and agreed to the deal, but Bane ordered Hardeen to tell them where he got the credits to buy a new ship. Hardeen explained that the Hutts owed him a favor, but Bane only became more enraged that Hardeen had ordered them to shoot him and Eval down. Hardeen slyly stated that he and Bane were even now. The impatient Eval mocked the two and demanded that they get him off the planet.[13]

Eval, Bane, and Hardeen boarded the new ship and left Nal Hutta. However, the trio didn't realize that they had been scammed. The dealer they purchased the ship from only gave them enough fuel to reach the nearest refueling station on Orondia, which was owned by his brother. At the refueling station, Eval hurriedly paid the attendant filling the ship. As he walked back to the boarding ramp, he told Bane and Hardeen that they were being swindled, but Bane questioned why Eval was paying everyone except him. While they flew away from the station, a Jedi T-6 shuttle arrived and began tailing them, the Jedi having tracked them down from Nal Hutta. The Jedi ran their shuttle into the top of the fugitives ship and began chasing them as they tried to escape.[13]

One of the Jedi, Anakin Skywalker, jumped from his shuttle on the criminal's ship. Hardeen got up to confront him, but Bane stopped him and stated that it was his turn to kill a Jedi. Bane and Skywalker engaged in a fight while the two ships raced along Orondia's pipelines. In an attempt to shake Skywalker from the ship, Hardeen swerved upwards, crashing into the Jedi shuttle. The two ships went hurtling towards the surface of the planet, throwing Bane and Skywalker to the ground and causing Eval and Hardeen to tumble about the cabin. With both ships crashed, Hardeen left to deal with the Jedi, leaving Eval behind. While Hardeen, Bane, and Skywalker fought, Eval got his bearings and began fixing the ship. Once he managed to fire the ship back up, Eval walked out to get Bane and Hardeen, who were locked in a standoff with the second Jedi, Ahsoka Tano. Eval yelled to them that he got the ship operational and urged them to come with him. The trio regrouped on board the ship and departed Orondia for Serenno.[13]

Tournament on Serenno[]

"Your box does not appear to be as much of a challenge as I thought. Perhaps I should put Hardeen in charge of the mission."
"But, this was my plan. You promised me the lead role."
"You have one last test to change my mind."
"Do not fear, Count Dooku. I will show you who is weak."
―Count Dooku and Eval discussing who will lead the mission to kidnap Palpatine[10]

Moralo Eval, Cad Bane, and Rako Hardeen arrive on Serenno.

Eval, Bane, and Hardeen reached Serenno without incident, and they landed at Dooku's palace, where the ships of several bounty hunters the count had gathered for the Box were docked. Dooku and a detachment of IG-100 MagnaGuards walked out to the landing pad to meet Eval as the criminal landed. Eval hurriedly and eagerly departed the ship to greet Dooku. Eval apologized to Dooku for his delay but found himself at the end of the MagnaGuards' electrostaffs. Dooku chastised Eval, stating that his careless delay could have ruined his plans. Dooku noticed Bane and Hardeen walking towards him and asked Eval who Hardeen was. Eval explained to Dooku that they only managed to break out of prison with Hardeen's help after Bane's escape plan failed. Eval added with a sly smile that Hardeen could participate in the tournament. An impatient Bane interrupted their conversation and demanded his payment, and Hardeen joined with him moments later. Before Hardeen could respond, Dooku told the pair that they would be paid, but added that they could have much more if they joined the tournament.[10]

Both asked what the tournament was, and Dooku gestured towards the Box, which was elsewhere on the castle grounds. Neither Hardeen nor Bane were impressed by the Box, but Dooku explained that the test was to ensure that only the best of the best were hired for the job, as they could not afford any weak links. Eval chimed in and stated that he designed the Box to find the weak links and eliminate them. He told them that he and Dooku had assembled a dozen of the best bounty hunters for the tournament.[12] Alongside Bane and Hardeen, the contestants included the bounty hunters Kiera Swan, Derrown, Sixtat, Jakoli, Embo, Twazzi, Bulduga, Onca, Sinrich, and Mantu. While the hunters waited, Bane killed Bulduga for his hat, leaving his partner, Onca, alone.[10]

Dooku and Eval prepared the group for the challenge and gave them instructions. Eval and Dooku sought to root out the five most skilled bounty hunters of the eleven contestants entering the Box. Any other survivors were to be eliminated to preserve the secrecy of their plot. Dooku hinted at the nature of his plan, offering the tantalizing reward of taking part in the mission. Eval then spoke up to explain the purpose of the Box. After introducing himself as the inventor, he explained that inside, the bounty hunters would face a series of simulations similar to any number of scenarios they may face while on the job. With sadistic pleasure, he gestured the hunters to enter the Box if they had the courage. Once all the contestants were gathered onto a lift, Eval remotely activated the elevator to bring them into the tournament.[10]


Eval communicates to the hunters inside the Box.

Eval and Dooku traveled to the Box's command center to oversee the challenge. The lift carried the bounty hunters into an empty white room, and while they got their bearings, Eval transformed the walls into screens to display himself. Eval told them that there was only one rule inside the Box: there were no rules. Embo asked Eval what the point of the Box was, and Eval responded that the point was to escape each simulation as quickly as possible. Eval deactivated the screens and began the first challenge. One of the floor panels lowered, letting out a haze of dioxis. Several of the floor panels began lifting into the air as columns, and the hunters intuitively jumped onto the taller columns to evade the poison. The columns kept rising towards the ceiling, however, leaving the hunters unable to stay on them for long. Hardeen realized that the way out of the room wasn't by going up, then leapt into the dioxis cloud to locate a way to escape. After entering the hole emitting the dioxis and finding a path below the gas line, he called out to the other hunters, and every one of them followed Hardeen into the next chamber.[10]

Though impressed by the lack of casualties in the first challenge, Eval reappeared via screen and ominously announced to the contestants that this would not be the case in the second. After Eval deactivated his transmission, a torrent of wall panels opened up to reveal electrified blades, which jabbed in and out of the walls at the bounty hunters on columns. Onca became the first victim of the Box, as he was cornered against a wall by columns when a blade ran through his back. In the control room, Dooku complimented the survival of the bounty hunters and noted to Eval that he sensed something different about Hardeen. Dooku asked Eval to tell him what he knew about the marksman. Eval pulled up a file on Hardeen and informed Dooku that he had killed Obi-Wan Kenobi but downplayed the kill by commenting that it was only with a sniper rifle. This feat, however, was enough to impress Dooku. The walls in the simulation began closing in when Hardeen noticed a pattern in the blades, which created a path up the walls and led to an exit in the ceiling. Hardeen began climbing after telling the others of his discovery, and the hunters followed him up the columns. Swan was killed in her attempt, but each of the others managed to escape the room.[10]

Eval was aggravated by Hardeen's success and slammed his fist against the control monitor. Much to his chagrin, Dooku stated that he was beginning to think that Hardeen was better suited to lead their operation. With a twisted smile, Eval agreed that Hardeen was crafty but adjusted the next simulation to see how he would fare when he was not the key to the contestants' survival. Eval, speaking again through a screen, informed the hunters that they had to pass through a ray shield that began slowly encompassing the room in order to reach the final challenge. With a syringe containing a highly electromagnetic serum that would allow them temporary invulnerability to the shields, the hunters had to press a switch on the other side to turn them off, with the caveat that it was toxic to all but one of them.[10]


Eval was distraught when Dooku began criticizing his creation.

While the bounty hunters attempted to figure out what to do, the central floor panels lifted above the ground, and a ray shield covered the floor as well, killing Jakoli. Derrown reached for the serum, but Bane took the syringe away from him. Hardeen intervened and told Bane that Derrown, as a Parwan, had a decent shot of containing the serum depending on his blood type. As the ray shields closed in and the platform became smaller, Derrown injected himself with the serum and passed through the ray shield to press the switch, but not before Mantu fell off the platform and was electrocuted. With the ray shields turned off, a passage opened up, and the hunters walked down a path to the final simulation.[10]

Dooku was disappointed with how easily the hunters had solved Eval's challenges thus far and told the criminal that his invention did not live up to his expectations. Dooku again mentioned putting Hardeen in charge of the mission, enraging Eval. Eval pleaded that he had been promised the lead role and was entitled to it as it was his plan, and Dooku allowed him one more test to prove his worth. Eval cooly told Dooku that he would show him who was weak and left the room, leaving Dooku alone in the command center. In the final simulation room, the hunters stood atop a platform high above the floor, which opened up to reveal numerous flamethrowers. Eval himself appeared behind a wall, and responded to a question from Embo. Controlling the Box from a gauntlet, Eval showed the bounty hunters a sniper rifle hidden behind two panels and introduced the challenge.[10]

A moving target ran along the walls, and one of the hunters had to hit the target three times. Sixtat took the rifle away from Hardeen and managed to hit the target twice, but missed the third time and was plunged into the flames below. Eval laughed coolly as Hardeen took the next rifle. Hardeen managed to hit the target three times, and Eval began slipping. He raised the other bounty hunters higher, then told Hardeen that he would have five more hits to prove how good he really was. Eval created two moving targets, and Hardeen was able to hit them four times before running out of charges. Eval cruelly laughed and informed Hardeen that it was important as a bounty hunter to be lucky, and that his luck just ran out. The platform Hardeen was standing gave way, but before he was thrown into the fire he was caught by a cable from Bane's wrist gauntlet.[10]


After failing to impress Dooku, Eval was replaced by Cad Bane and forced to join the survivors of the Box.

Infuriated, Eval demanded to know why Bane defied him. Bane simply told Eval in response that, if he was going to kill Harden, he had to do it like a man. Dooku appeared on a screen and agreed, then told Eval to show them what he was made of. Controlling the Box, Dooku turned the flamethrowers in the center of the room off to create a fighting arena, then closed in the wall behind Eval to push him into the pit. Eval fell onto the floor, and Hardeen was let down to fight him. Still with his wrist controller, Eval ordered four probe droids into the room to fire at Hardeen, but the bounty hunter was able to destroy three of them and threw the fourth back at Eval. Eval caught it but was thrown to the ground by the impact. Hardeen told Eval that he would have to do better to defeat him, and Eval replied that he had seen nothing yet. Creating a maze of moving platforms, Eval evaded Hardeen and nearly killed him with flamethrowers, but Hardeen was able to tackle him and break his gauntlet to even the playing field. Eval began savagely pummeling Hardeen, then picked the man up and hurled him at the ground. Hardeen quickly got up and rushed Eval, tackling him near the flamethrowers and beating him to the brink of death.[10]

Dooku gleefully ordered Hardeen to finish Eval off, but he refused and told the count that he was only there to get paid. Disappointed, Dooku chastised his poor leadership skills and lowered the other bounty hunters to the ground. Dooku congratulated the final five hunters on surviving the Box. The team's roster comprised Eval, Bane, Hardeen, Twazzi, Embo, and Derrown. Dooku announced to the hunters that they were going to kidnap Supreme Chancellor Palpatine at the Festival of Light on Naboo. He explained that, with the leader of the Republic as their hostage, they would demand the release of all Confederate prisoners, but if their demand was not met, they would execute him. Dooku told the team that Eval would walk them through his plan while on their way to Naboo, but added that the operation would be led by Bane, much to Eval's disdain.[10]

Kidnapping the Chancellor[]

"That's your perfect plan? A perfect pile of bantha dung if you ask me. A million things could go wrong, starting with those holograms."
"Nothing is going to go wrong with my plan unless you mess it up."
―Cad Bane and Moralo Eval[12]

Bane, Eval, and the bounty hunters traveled discreetly to Naboo, accompanied by Dooku. Each was given a role and instructed what they were to do. Bane, Twazzi, Derrown, and Embo were to be on the ground kidnapping the Chancellor, while Hardeen was a sniper and Eval was relegated to be the getaway driver.[5] Once the ship to Naboo went into lightspeed, Dooku instructed Eval to tell Bane his plan so he could lead. Eval objected that it was his plan, but the count told him that, if he wanted to be paid, he had to let Bane in on what he had been plotting. Dooku let the bounty hunters sleep while Eval and Bane went over the plan. Eval turned on a hologram of the Theed Royal Palace and the surrounding city, but Hardeen joined him and Bane to observe the map. Bane quickly shut it off and told Hardeen to sleep, which he obliged. With Hardeen gone, Eval switched the hologram back on and informed Bane with details of the festival, the layout of the palace, and the use of holographic disguise matrixes to infiltrate the city. It took Eval an hour to explain his plot, only for Bane to dismiss it. When Bane told Eval that there were several ways for the plan to go wrong, Eval coolly responded that nothing would go wrong with his plan unless Bane messed it up.[12]

Eval had chosen an abandoned docking bay to land their ship, but it turned out that it wasn't abandoned and was staffed by a number of techs who were working a late shift.[12] Eval, Derrown, and Embo entered the warehouse during the evening and began taking out the mechanics and workers staffed there one by one. Eval snuck up on one mechanic and pulled him to the ground, and with a smile, put a finger to his mouth and shushed before killing him. Once the warehouse was clear, Dooku entered, escorted by Twazzi and Hardeen. Surrounding a crate, Dooku informed the team that he had it from a reliable source that their plot was going to proceed as planned. Dooku told them to follow their roles as they had been instructed, and they would all be immortalized in history, in addition to being rewarded enough credits that none of them would ever have to work again.[5]

The count allowed Bane to speak, and the bounty hunter handed out datapads giving each member of the group information on their position and job specifics. Hardeen asked how all the pieces fit together. In simple detail, Bane explained each member of the team's role in the plot and that the datapads would lead them all to the rendezvous point. Using a holographic disguise matrix, Bane gave the bounty hunters a shadow hologram disguise of a Republic Senate Guard trooper, with the exception of himself and Eval. Once the bounty hunters were in their disguises Bane told them that none would have any further communication with the rest of the team.[5]

While Eval waited for his time to enter the fray, the bounty hunters got into their positions at the festival. The Jedi, having advanced knowledge of the plot thanks to Obi-Wan Kenobi's intel as Hardeen, prepared security defenses and placed the Chancellor under the protection of several Jedi, including Skywalker. Kenobi, hiding in the sniper position given to Hardeen, aided the Jedi in their attempts to stop the kidnapping plot. Despite Kenobi's attempts to warn the Jedi, Derrown,[5] with the same serum used in the Box,[10] passed through a ray shield and destroyed the shield generator protecting the Chancellor's platform. The Chancellor fell unconscious from the blast as the attendees evacuated, while the Jedi hunted down and arrested Derrown. Twazzi and Embo, meanwhile, took an unconscious Senate guard and, using a disguise matrix, disguised him as the Chancellor. While the Jedi followed them and their decoy, Bane, himself disguised as a Neimoidian, placed a holographic disguise matrix on an unconscious Palpatine. While Twazzi and Embo were arrested, Eval flew in on a speeder.[5] He yelled at Bane to throw the Chancellor in, but Bane pointed a blaster at him and made him briefly take his hands off the controls as insurance he wouldn't drive away without him.[12]


Eval and Bane are arrested by the Jedi.

Eval quickly sped away from Theed to the rendevous point, the Theed plasma refinery. Once at the refinery, Eval told Bane that Dooku would meet them there as planned. Bane threw the Chancellor from the speeder as Eval boasted that his plan worked to perfection. Bane argued that it wasn't Eval's plan, but Bane's execution of his plan that made it a success. While Bane aimed a blaster at Palpatine, Eval demanded to know how he dared disrespect him, but Bane silenced him. Bane asked where Dooku was, and Eval looked around anxiously and stated that it was part of the plan. Just then, Kenobi arrived in a speeder. Bane told Hardeen that he wasn't supposed to be at the rendevous point yet, and Hardeen replied that he didn't want to be double-crossed again.[5]

Bane informed Hardeen that they'd all been double-crossed by Dooku, who was a no-show. Eval asked what they were supposed to do with the Chancellor without Dooku, and Bane decided that they would ransom him themselves. Suddenly, Kenobi broke his "Hardeen" persona and aimed a blaster at Bane. After Kenobi told Bane that the Chancellor would be going with him, Eval ran up and grabbed Kenobi's arm, giving Bane a chance to attack. After a brief fight, Kenobi grabbed Bane from flying away on his rocket boots and threw him at Eval. While Kenobi aimed his blaster at Bane, Eval slowly backed away while looking between the two frantically.[5]

Before Eval could escape, another speeder carrying Republic security forces arrived at the refinery. Skywalker and Jedi Master Mace Windu departed and pointed their lightsabers at Eval, who feigned an injury and pleaded that they don't hurt him. Eval raised his arms in surrender, and Windu told Skywalker to take him and Bane into custody. Skywalker grabbed Eval's arms and held them behind his back. While Eval was led to a speeder, the Jedi spoke with each other and revealed before Eval and Bane that "Hardeen" was actually Kenobi.[5] Eval incredulously yelled Kenobi's name[12] and an outraged Bane, who had fought Kenobi before, yelled at the Jedi for his deception while being taken away.[5] Both Eval and Bane were arrested by the clone security forces and eventually returned to the Central Detention Center on Coruscant.[12]


"Now, if you ask Moralo Eval, he'll probably tell you something different. I wouldn't be surprised if that ugly old wheeze bag tried to blame it all on me."
―Cad Bane, recounting the story of his time with Eval to Boba Fett and Bossk[12]

The Jedi's operation to stop Eval's plan and the events surrounding his escape from prison were shrouded in mystery, much to the ire of Coruscant Security Force Inspector Tan Divo. Divo had kept a dossier on Eval and Bane but because of the Jedi's intervention, he was unable to learn what really took place between their escape from prison[8] and their rearrests.[5] Similarly, Chancellor Palpatine expressed his disdain to Divo for the Jedi's elaborate plot to keep Eval from enacting his plan. Both felt that they had needlessly risked a lot in their operation,[8] despite returning Eval and Bane to prison.[5]

Back in prison, Bane met with Boba Fett and Bossk, who demanded to know where their payment for instigating the riot was. Bane told them that there was none, and told them that "Hardeen" had, in reality, been an undercover Obi-Wan Kenobi. While recounting the story, Bane portrayed Eval in a negative light, referring to him derogatively and elaborating that Eval's plan was not as great as he made it out to seem. Bane also took aim at Eval's reputation as a criminal mastermind and said that Eval's brilliance was nothing more than posturing. When Bane finished his story, Fett offered him a position in a job he and Bossk were planning, which he referred to as bigger than anything Eval could have dreamed of.[12]


The designs Eval used in the Box were recreated in the "Well" at the Imperial Academy on Lothal.

At the end of the Clone Wars, the victorious Republic reorganized into the Galactic Empire.[8] The Empire created several training academies for their military, among them the Academy for Young Imperials on Lothal. Within the academy was a testing ground dubbed the Well, a remotely-configured chamber meant to simulate obstacle courses and challenges.[14] The style and composition of the Well took direct inspiration from Eval's designs used in the Box, as well as the[15] former[16] Republic training facilities found on Kamino.[15]

Decades after the Clone Wars, Exantor Divo, the police commissioner on Hosnian Prime and the grandson of the late Tan Divo, was gifted his grandfather's personal case files from his time with the CSF, which had been long thought lost since the Clone Wars. Among Divo's files were his writings on Moralo Eval and the Jedi's elaborate plot to stop him. Exantor compiled his grandfather's files into a multi-generational set of case studies cataloging the evolution of crime and law enforcement over the past several decades, which he titled Scum and Villainy: Case Files on the Galaxy's Most Notorious. Exantor added commentary and context to his grandfather's files, including his file on Eval. Exantor wrote about Eval's history of crime before his kidnapping plot and his still-infamous reputation, as well as the circumstances of his time in the Central Detention Center, which remained a mystery even then.[8]

Personality and traits[]

"The breakout was just the beginning. Moralo Eval had much bigger plans. Not good plans, just big ones. He tries to pass himself off as some sort of criminal mastermind, but he's no Hutt, I can tell you that."
―Cad Bane, on Moralo Eval[12]

A sociopath at heart, Eval had no qualms in abandoning Rako Hardeen on a whim.

Standing at a height of 1.75 meters, Moralo Eval was a male[2] Phindian with yellow eyes and khaki skin.[3] Eval's sadistic tendencies manifested at a young age. Widely regarded as a sociopath, Eval killed his mother in cold blood out of boredom, defying his culture's reverence for familial bonds. Eval's loathsome nature transformed him into a heartless serial killer.[8] In his time as a fugitive of the law, he developed a deranged personality and many strange mannerisms, which included referring to himself in the third person[2] and a number of physical twitches.[5] Eval held himself and his abilities in high regard,[10] which many members of law enforcement also did begrudgingly. His crafty ability to outfox and evade arrest confounded many and he garnered a reputation as a brilliant mastermind, even if still suffering from severe psychological disorders.[8]

Callous and conceited, Eval took great pride in the Box and found pleasure in tormenting others. With the Box, Eval was hired to weed out weak links in a lineup of bounty hunters, something he boasted about and was greatly looking forward to.[12] In his sociopathic[8] disregard for others, Eval was quick to change his opinion or plan for someone. With Rako Hardeen, who Eval himself was impressed with and began to respect for his skills at planning, Eval twice abandoned him without a second thought,[13] first in prison[4] and then on Nal Hutta. When confronted by Hardeen on Nal Hutta for this decision, Eval wiped his hands of any blame and turned Hardeen on Bane, but not before gleefully stoking their feud by openly stating that the latter despised him. Though Eval did not care for any other beings, he was subservient to Dooku and sought to impress the count with his invention. Pressured by Dooku to reach Serenno without another delay, Eval became impatient with Bane and Hardeen's fighting and mocked the two in his attempts to force them to get him off Nal Hutta sooner.[13]


Despite having a conceited view of himself, Eval was desperate to prove himself to Dooku.

Eval had difficulty accepting defiance and struggled to handle himself when his ego was challenged. When belittled by Dooku during the tournament in the Box, Eval grew irritated and embarrassed, which was only exacerbated by Hardeen's continuous ability to outsmart his simulations. Eval tried to keep himself collected when Dooku first began dismissing his creation, channeling his rage into the next simulation, the ray shields, which he believed would leave Dooku impressed with him and not Hardeen. After Hardeen solved the puzzle and the bounty hunters went on to the final challenge, Eval broke down in front of Dooku, pleading not to be replaced by Hardeen before resolving to remove his competition himself. For the final challenge, Eval tampered with the simulation to unfairly send Hardeen to his death, but to his anger Hardeen was saved by Bane. Enraged, Eval was shocked that Bane defied him, but at that moment was forced to fight Hardeen by Dooku. Eval's defeat solidified Dooku's disappointment in him, and he saw his precious plot taken away and given to Bane.[10]

Though he initially protested his demotion, Eval gave in to Dooku's will. Although no longer leading his meticulously laid-out plan, Eval was still immensely proud of his creation. When Bane dismissed the plan as "bantha dung" and criticized what he believed to be a convoluted mess, Eval quickly defended it and sharply exclaimed that nothing in his plan would go wrong unless Bane messed it up.[12] Despite the awry kidnapping at the Festival of Light, Eval and Bane managed to escape with the Chancellor but bickered over who deserved credit for the feat. Eval again boasted that his plan had worked as he intended, but Bane retorted back that it was his execution of Eval's plan that made it a success. Still unwilling to stand down to belittlement, Eval was angered at Bane's disrespect for him. Alone and abandoned by Dooku, the once-proud Eval became heavily anxious, and when surrounded by Republic forces was reduced to feigning injury and begging for his life.[5]

Skills and abilities[]

"You're going to have to do better than that!"
"You, my friend, have seen nothing yet."
―Rako Hardeen and Moralo Eval, during their fight in the Box[10]

Although he had several physical abnormalities, including a short stature[5] compared to other Phindians[3] and a limp, Moralo Eval was still a brutal combatant and fighter.[10] Unlike the more martial Cad Bane or Rako Hardeen, Eval was animalistic and savage when in a fight, pummeling his victims without mercy. When escaping the Central Detention Center on Coruscant, Eval tackled one of the guards to the ground, then proceeded to slam his fists into the trooper until he was unconscious. Even then, Eval was unrelenting in his attack.[4] Likewise, Eval used his brutish combat skills when fighting Hardeen in the Box, but was at a severe disadvantage when his wrist controller was destroyed.[10] Besides his unarmed combat abilities, Eval was skilled in armed combat.[3]

Despite his lack of martial prowess,[4] Eval had a keen intellect, deranged though he was.[2] Eval was well-known as a criminal mastermind and thinker,[8] and his creativity led to his partnership with Dooku.[9] Additionally, Eval was adept at various technical abilities,[3] many of which he picked up during his early years on the run. Eval was a proficient mechanic and engineer,[2] from designing the Box[10] to fixing his ship when it crashed on Orondia.[13]


"You said it yourself, Eval. You're free now. I want my money."
"After the weapons and the ship, I have very few credits left."
―Cad Bane and Moralo Eval[13]
Moralo Eval YV-666 XWM

Moralo Eval's YV-666 light freighter, which he owned for a short time before it was destroyed.

After ditching his prison fatigue on Nal Hutta, Eval purchased used gear and several weapons from Pablo's pawnshop in Bilbousa Bazaar. Eval bought a gray pistol that had begun to rust, as well as a sniper rifle. He also acquired a worn brown holster for his blaster. For armor, he had a dual-colored chest plate with matching pauldrons. Underneath his armor, Eval wore simple pants and a long-sleeved shirt, each different shades of brown.[13]

Later, while in Bilbousa, Eval purchased[13] a YV-666 light freighter, a model of the YV-series manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation,[17] from a Bith starship dealer chosen by Rako Hardeen. While he and Cad Bane attempted to leave Nal Hutta, Eval's ship was attacked by Hutt Clan forces and shot down, after which, they regrouped with Hardeen and purchased[13] a Luxury 3000 space yacht, a transport ship manufactured by SoroSuub Corporation.[18]

Behind the scenes[]

"Like I said, Dave Filoni is one of those directors, and most good directors do this—they let the actor give you what they come there with and then start fine tuning the performance if it's going awry. Moralo Eval was much like that. He's really this insane madman but he's trying to contain it. That was the way I did it. If you were to watch my body language while I was doing that character, my shoulders were scrunched up, my hands were all curled in. My body was contorting, which you have to do. You have to get into the character physically, otherwise it just doesn't play right."
―Stephen Stanton on voicing Moralo Eval[19]

Moralo Eval first appeared in "Deception," the fifteenth episode of the fourth season of the animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.[20] The episode, which was directed by Kyle Dunlevy and written by Brent Friedman,[4] first aired on January 20, 2012.[21] "Deception" was the first in a four-part story arc, and was followed by the episodes "Friends and Enemies," "The Box," and "Crisis on Naboo," all of which feature Eval as a leading character.[4][13][10][5]

In The Clone Wars, Eval was portrayed by prolific voice actor Stephen Stanton, who had voiced Mas Amedda and Admiral Tarkin earlier in the series and would voice numerous other characters in later seasons of The Clone Wars and the larger Star Wars franchise. Stanton enjoyed portraying Eval and found the unhinged and psychotic character one of his favorite Star Wars performances. He and Cad Bane voice actor Corey Burton compared their characters in the villain-centric storyline to old Warner Brothers gangster films starring Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney, where many of the lead characters were criminals. With[19] supervising director[4] Dave Filoni, Stanton fine-tuned his portrayal of Eval's insanity and psychosis from going too far in any one direction. One of Stanton's methods for playing Eval was contorting his body while recording his lines, such as scrunching his shoulders and curling his hands to get into character physically.[19]

Throughout 2012, Stanton served as a frequent guest on The ForceCast, where he voiced Eval in a recurring segment called "Bedtime Stories with Moralo Eval" or "Uncle Moralo's Bedtime Stories." In these comedic segments, Stanton would read children's stories and nursery rhymes in Eval's voice, often with humorously dark commentary or rewording.[22]



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