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Moralo Eval was a male Phindian and criminal mastermind who invented the Box. During the Clone Wars, Eval plotted to kidnap Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Together with Cad Bane and Obi-Wan Kenobi, disguised as Rako Hardeen, Eval fled across the galaxy from Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano.


Early lifeEdit

Moralo Eval developed his loathsome reputation at an early age. He heartlessly killed his mother; when apprehended by authorities, he told them he committed this crime because he was "bored." Eval spent the rest of his early life as a criminal and fugitive; this gave him a sharp survival instinct, as well as technical and engineering skills. During his time on the run, Eval became deranged and developed many odd mannerisms, such as referring to himself in the third person.[2]

The plot to kidnap PalpatineEdit

"Your box does not appear to be as much of a challenge as I thought. Perhaps I should put Hardeen in charge of the mission."
"But, this was my plan. You promised me the lead role."
"You have one last test to change my mind."
"Do not fear, Count Dooku. I will show you who is weak."
―Count Dooku and Eval discussing who will lead the mission to kidnap Palpatine[src]
Moralo Eval Mugshot SaV

Moralo Eval's mugshot

During the Clone Wars, a war between the Galactic Republic and the breakaway Confederacy of Independent Systems, Eval plotted to kidnap the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, Sheev Palpatine.[3] After he was captured by a police detachment on Denon,[4] he was incarcerated in the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center on Coruscant where he befriended Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi (who had disguised himself as the bounty hunter Rako Hardeen to verify and then stop the criminal's plan) and convinced the Jedi to help him escape with Cad Bane, a fellow inmate.[3]

After a successful escape, Moralo Eval and his accomplices stole a Republic cruiser and crash-landed it on Nal Hutta to escape pursuit. On the planet's surface, the trio purchased a new ship and departed for Serenno to meet with Count Dooku for the next phase of the kidnapping plot.[5]

On Serenno, Eval had Bane and Kenobi participate, along with several other bounty hunters, in a series of tests within his invention, the Box. During the tests, Kenobi proved to be very skilled and came up with the solution to all the problems presented. Count Dooku suggested that Kenobi lead the group because of his success in the Box, which angered Eval. When Kenobi went to complete the final test (shooting a series of targets with a sniper rifle or be dropped to your death), Eval rigged the test by having more targets than charges in the sniper rifle, meaning that Kenobi would be unable to shoot all the targets and thus fail the challenge. Eval released the floor from under Kenobi to drop him to his death, but Cad Bane intervened by releasing a rope from his wrist gauntlets to catch Kenobi. Bane insisted that Eval kill Kenobi like a man and Count Dooku agreed, intructing Kenobi and Eval fight to the death. Kenobi defeated Eval, but let him live because he "just wanted to do his job and get paid". Eval's failure resulted in Count Dooku promoting Cad Bane to be the group's leader, thus Eval was relieved of command and relegated to the role of "getaway driver." Ultimately, Moralo Eval's plans were thwarted and he was taken back into custody.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Moralo Eval was voiced by Stephen Stanton. Throughout 2012, Stanton often served as a guest on The ForceCast; he voiced Eval in a recurring segment called "Bedtime Stories with Moralo Eval" or "Uncle Moralo's Bedtime Stories."[7]



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