"You can't show mercy to someone who's going for your throat."

Morano was an officer of the New Republic Defense Force.


Joining the NRDF sometime after "the [Galactic] Empire fell", although it is unclear to which this refers, Morano made 38 combat jumps as a combat operations staff officer. Morano served through nine combat jumps as a bridge officer before receiving his own command.

In 16 ABY, Captain Morano was tapped to be an inaugural officer of the Fifth Battle Group, the New Republic's newest fleet. Despite being an untested captain, Morano was given command of Intrepid, the battle group's flagship.

The Fifth's entrance into the Koornacht Cluster marked Morano first combat jump as a captain. Morano displayed signs of nervousness leading up to contact with Yevethan forces, but the presence of General A'baht aboard Intrepid countered his tactical impatience during the Battle of Doornik-319.

When the Fifth encountered Luke Skywalker, Morano was skeptical of his plan to use the White Current's illusions to resolve the conflict, but Akanah's proved its effectiveness.

Morano survived the Black Fleet Crisis and reflected with General A'baht on the brutal nature of their Yevethan foes.



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