"Foolish Gungans will now know what becomes of those who cross a Hutt. I have dispatch my most feared champion, Mordran, to bring pain and wisdom to those traders who thought they could back out of a business venture without proper compensation paid to me. Their Sacred Place will be of no protection against Mordran. There is none who can stand up against him and save these Gungans. Ha ha ha. Mordran shall bring me my payment ... in Gungan hide!"
―Borvo the Hutt[src]

Mordran was a male Wookiee employed by Borvo the Hutt during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. After a lot of hard work, he became one of Borvo's champions. His next mission was to go to the Gungan Sacred Place and wipe out a group of Gungan traders that crossed Borvo. A spacer learned about the legendary fighting skills of Mordran and challenged him to a duel. The spacer won, but spared him if he never came back to the Sacred Place again. He agreed and never came back. That was the first mission he had ever failed.

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Mordran is an NPC in Star Wars Galaxies and can be found near the Gungan sacred place on Naboo, close to Boss Nass.



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