"I'm not the villain here. Can't you see? I was just trying to do what's best for my family. For my child!"
―Moregi trying to plead with Ventress and Vos[src]

Moregi was a Volpai who lived on Pantora during the Clone Wars with his Rodian wife and their child. Moregi attracted the wrath of the Rang Clan by embezzling funds, leading the Clan to place a bounty on his head. Two bounty hunters, Asajj Ventress and Quinlan Vos tracked Moregi down to Pantora where they managed to apprehend him following a lengthy and bruising pursuit. Despite his pleas and attempts to bribe them, Moregi was handed over to the Rang Clan.


Moregi was a male Volpai who along with his Rodian wife and child lived in an apartment room on Pantora, a moon that was the homeworld of the Pantoran species. The apartment room had a narrow bell-shaped window with a potted plant and blue-and-yellow curtains. It was located on the fourth floor of an apartment complex. During the Clone Wars, Moregi embezzled funds from the Rang Clan in order to provide for his struggling family. In retaliation, the Rang Clan placed a bounty worth 25,000 credits on his head.[1]

The Dathomirian bounty hunter and Count Dooku's former Sith apprentice Asajj Ventress decided to collect the bounty. Traveling to Pantora she made four attempts to capture Moregi before tracking him down to a public square in the capital city. Moregi was feeding several rodents with his sandwich when he spotted the bounty hunter approaching him. Using his four-armed physiology, Moregi attempted to outrun Ventress. However, the Force-sensitive bounty hunter managed to corner Moregi and wrestle him to the ground.[1]

Fortunately for Moregi, Ventress was interrupted by a human interloper, who turned out to be the undercover Jedi Master Quinlan Vos. Vos had been tasked by the Jedi High Council with assassinating the Separatist leader Count Dooku and wanted to recruit Ventress as his partner. Vos attempted to collect the bounty on Moregi, prompting an enraged Ventress to assault him. Seizing the opportunity, Moregi fled for his life and led the two bounty hunters on a wild pursuit through the city's streets; leaping from several shops.[1]

Ventress managed to catch with Moregi and the two struggled while hanging several meters from the ground. However, Moregi managed to jump onto the hood of parting speeder and commandeered the vehicle. As he left, he lifted one of his arms to make a rude gesture at Ventress. Shortly later, Moregi managed to commandeer another speeder but was spotted by Ventress, who responded by commandeering another single-seat speeder from a Rodian driver. Ventress managed to leap onto the hood of Moregi's second speeder and grappled with him. Following a fist fight, Moregi managed to push her off his stolen vehicle.[1]

Ventress was rescued by Vos, who bought her some drinks and snacks at a bar. Later, he managed to win Ventress' trust by using his psychometric abilities to examine a piece of metal that Vos had grabbed off Moregi during the earlier struggle. Together, the two bounty hunters made their way to Moregi's apartment and forced their way into his home. Upon entering, Ventress kicked Moregi in the mid-section, causing him to stumble backward. Instead of running, Moregi however sought to protect his wife and child.[1]

Moregi pleaded with the bounty hunters not to hurt his family and tried to excuse his actions by claiming that he had a family to feed. When the hunters tried to take him into custody, Moregi knocked out Vos' blaster with one hand and struck the undercover Jedi's jaw with the other. He used the other two arms to push Vos backwards. Moregi's wife then pleaded for her husband to run and stressed that she loved him. Heeding his wife's words, Moregi leapt through his apartment's window and landed on the streets below.[1]

Moregi commandeered a red speeder sled and backed it up in order to flee from the bounty hunters. However, the hunters commandeered a speeder bike which Ventress used to jump into the speeder sled. After tussling with Moregi, she managed to drag him out of the speeder onto the pavement below. Ventress then ordered Moregi to surrender but the desperate Volpai fought back. However, Vos knocked him to the ground. Outnumbered and outgunned by Vos' lightsaber and blaster, Moregi was forced to surrender. He attempted to bribe the hunters by offering three times the bounty but they ignored him.[1]

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"Hands up. All four of them."
―Asajj Ventress, noting Moregi's four-armed physiology[src]

Moregi was a devoted father who loved his Rodian wife and her child. While he did not sire his wife's son, he still showed a fatherly affection towards the child. His love for his family and inability to provide for their needs led him to embezzle funds from the Rang Clan. The Clan retaliated by placing a bounty on his head and sending the bounty hunter Asajj Ventress to capture him. As a Volpai, Moregi had four arms and two legs which allowed him to climb buildings and leap from structures faster than most other species. He was also able to jump from a four-storey window without sustaining any injuries. Moregi was also able to pilot various different types of speeders. Despite his physical abilities and attempts at bribery, Moregi was unable to bribe Ventress and her unlikely partner Quinlan Vos.[1]

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Moregi VS Ventress

Moregi faces off against his pursuer, Ventress, in one of the unfinished episodes.

Moregi first debuted as a minor antagonist in Christie Golden's 2015 novel Dark Disciple, which was based on eight unfinished episodes from the canceled Cartoon Network TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Dark Disciple is part of the Canon The Clone Wars Legacy, an ongoing multimedia project using material from the canceled series.


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