"He is the foremost expert in his field; our late companion Major Glidamir once commented that if Barosa were left to die in the wastes of Tatooine, in no time he would build himself a castle of seaweed."
―Sisquoc, on the Morellian survival instructor Barosa Warren[1]

The Morellians were a species of sentient near-Humans native to the planet Morellia in Wild Space. They dominated the Morellian Commonwealth, a region patrolled by a law enforcement body known as the Morellian Enforcers. The Enforcers were known for their choice of weaponry: the .48-caliber Enforcer pistol was a slugthrower manufactured by the Morellian Weapons Conglomerate that was as strong as a heavy blaster pistol. The Morellians had long lifespans proportionate to Humans; at age 110, a Morellian had yet to reach his or her best years. Nevertheless, by the Galactic Civil War, the species was nearing extinction. The Morellian Barosa Warren headed the Galactic Outdoor Survival School and posed a threat to the Rebel Alliance. Four of Warren's half-Human children served as Rebel operatives.

Biology and appearance[]

As a near-Human sentient species,[2] the Morellians looked very similar to Humans. Each member of the species had a humanoid body characterized by two arms with five-fingered hands, a torso, and a head. The hands sported five fingers each, the digits capped by fingernails. The face featured a mouth full of teeth, a nose, two ears, and two eyes under a pair of eyebrows. Hair crowned the skull.[3] Similarly, the species was divided into two sexes, male and female.[1] Men were able to grow facial hair, with at least one Morellian sporting a red beard.[3] Members of the species were distinguished from Humans due to their extra-long lifespans;[1] at 110 years old, a Morellian had yet to reach his or her prime, and not until age 160 did a Morellian typically show signs of aging.[3] Despite these differences, Morellians and Humans were capable of mating with one another and producing offspring, at least when the male was Morellian and the female Human.[1] Morellian–Human hybrids appeared fully Human, with one such specimen sporting a dark complexion and black hair.[4]

Society and culture[]

The .48-caliber Enforcer pistol was standard issue to the Morellian Enforcers.

The Morellians inhabited the Morellian Commonwealth, a collection of star systems that lay outside the borders of the well-explored galaxy[1] in Wild Space;[5] their homeworld was Morellia.[1] Members of the species were able to learn Galactic Basic Standard.[6]

In general, the species lagged behind the rest of the galaxy in technology.[1] Nevertheless, the Morellian Weapons Conglomerate[2]—also known by its initials, MWC[6]—named itself after the species and created low-tech products, such as a slugthrower called the .48-caliber Enforcer pistol.[2] Despite its primitive payload,[7] the gun was capable of causing as much damage as a heavy blaster pistol, albeit with a recoil so fierce that further shots suffered in accuracy if fired in quick succession.[8] Morellians who received specialized training with the sidearm[6] proved their species capable of great strength and skill.[3]

Although the .48-caliber Enforcer was used by MWC's own corporate security force,[8] it was standard issue and the signature weapon of the Morellian Enforcers,[3] a small body tasked with policing the Morellian Commonwealth.[1] The Enforcers wore uniforms that consisted of full-body, leather Morellian oilcoats and boots, and tough backstrap gloves. The Morellian Enforcers had little access to blasters and instead employed slugthrower pistols and rifles.[3][6]


Although the Morellians dominated the area of Wild Space known as the Morellian Commonwealth,[5][6] by the time of the Galactic Civil War, the species had nearly died out.[1] Indeed, in 2 ABY,[9] the Task Force on Alliance Security—part of the Rebel Alliance—surmised that the Morellian Barosa Warren was the last of his kind.[3] Nevertheless, the Commonwealth was still a recognized region and lay beyond the borders of the Galactic Empire.[10] By the outbreak of the Yuuzhan Vong War in 25 ABY, the Morellians were nearly extinct.[2]

Morellians in the galaxy[]

"Most often he makes use of his Enforcer, a gun that should be part of a Star Destroyer's arsenal rather than a hand weapon. Despite the weapon's obvious weight, he handles it as if it weighs nothing. He can speed draw faster than even Derembus, and that's no simple feat. The recoil on that thing can knock a Gamorrean down, but Warren just squeezes off round after round without effort. If you encounter him and he even flinches, either apologize or find suitable cover. Don't think a landspeeder is enough cover: you should have seen what he did to Maashan's XP-38…"
Ma'w'shiye, on Barosa Warren's choice of sidearm[1]

Alliance operative Alton Lochner was a Morellian–Human hybrid.

Barosa Warren was a Morellian survival instructor who was widely regarded as the galaxy's foremost expert on survival in hostile environments. He served as a scout and Morellian Enforcer in the Morellian Commonwealth[1] during the time of the Galactic Republic until he retired and became a scout in the Republic Survey Corps. By his late 110s, Warren purchased a small planet known as OM813, located in the Ollonir Boundaries. Over several decades,[3] he terraformed the world into multiple terrains and opened the Galactic Outdoor Survival School.[1] Warren grew wealthy as the school's dean, chancellor, and primary teacher.[3]

In 12 BBY,[1] Warren had a disagreement with a Samuac student named Sisquoc that turned into a vendetta against not only Sisquoc but the rest of the graduating cohort, known as the Twilight Class. When Sisquoc and seven other members of the class joined the Rebel Alliance, Warren turned his hatred for the students into a generalized disregard for the Alliance as a whole.[11] In 2 ABY, the Task Force on Alliance Security filed a report on the Morellian, whom they considered a threat to the Alliance's eight Twilight Class alumni.[1]

Warren fathered at least four children through couplings with two women of Coruscanti heritage. These Morellian–Human hybrids included three sons and a daughter.[3] Of the children, the sons Tole Warren and Alton Lochner—born Tiris Warren—served the Rebel Alliance at Suolriep sector headquarters, where both men attained the rank of lieutenant by 2 ABY. Lochner headed the Special Forces unit known as Eclipse Team as its Cloak Leader and was well known for rescuing troubled operatives in the field.[4] Tole Warren, meanwhile, served aboard the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Silent Water, an assignment during which he tracked the Tiss'shar bounty hunter Kal-tan-shi through the Veron Minor system.[12] He survived the Charon invasion of the planet Stronghold before his reassignment to Captain Vanden Willard's command at Delta Base, where he decrypted Imperial communiqués.[13] Meanwhile, Barosa Warren's son Roland Warren acted as an undercover operative in the Simik system, and his daughter Danlea Lochner—born Tara Warran—served as a Rebel smuggling contact along the Ison Corridor.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Alliance Intelligence Reports, a sourcebook published in 1995 for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game from West End Games and written by Craig Robert Carey, J. P. Pietrzak, Trevor J. Wilson, and Bill Smith, features the Morellian character Barosa Warren as an antagonist for players to confront and describes four of Warren's half-Morellian children. Nevertheless, the book provides only cursory information about the species itself. Artist Mike Vilardi illustrated both Barosa Warren and his son, Alton Lochner.[14] Later sources mention topics related to the Morellians, such as the Morellian Weapons Conglomerate[7] and the Morellian Commonwealth,[10] but 2006's The New Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology[2] and 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia are the only sources to mention the species by name since their debut.[15]


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