"To finally, truly, cripple Riboga, you must do two things. He has invested heavily in a spice mining operation in the Kemix system. Find some way to destroy the production facility there and he is all but over."
―Morgra, to the Heroes of Cularin[1]

Morgra was a male Hutt who operated as a crime lord during the latter years of the Galactic Republic. After engaging in a dispute with the rival Hutt Riboga, Morgra was exiled to the Gravane system, where he established a power base for himself aboard the installation Gravane station. Circa 20 BBY, a group of freelance agents met with Morgra, and he provided them with information regarding the location of the slaver Haast Aath, in return for the agents undertaking a mission to destroy Riboga's spice extraction operation on the planet Kemix.


"Agree to my deal and you will not only be destroying a threat to your home, not only rescuing these lizard people you talk of, not only that but you get wealth, prestige and the opportunity to save some little gurgling bluehaired babies from a horrible death in this infernal space station. What do you say?"
―Morgra, to the Heroes of Cularin[1]

Morgra, known to his underlings by the title Magnificent Superior High Lord, was a male Hutt crime lord who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. Morgra developed a political rivalry with the Hutt Riboga, but he lacked the influence of his adversary, and Riboga poached Morgra's lieutenant, the Zabrak slaver Haast Aath, from his service and ultimately had Morgra placed into exile in the Gravane system. Morgra was forced to dwell aboard the run-down installation Gravane station, and under the terms of his banishment he was forced to speak only in Basic, a restriction that was considered among Hutts to be a humiliation. In spite of his fall from grace, Morgra retained a large portion of his wealth, and he established a power base for himself on the station, operating from the disheveled hotel, the Throne Room. There, he was attended to by an entourage of lackeys and entertainers, and he hired the Sullustan Mygg Morb to serve as his attendant.[1]

Circa 20 BBY,[2] during the Clone Wars, Riboga seized control of organized crime in the Cularin system and had Haast Aath establish a slaving ring on the world. After Aath kidnapped a large number of native Tarasin, the Heroes of Cularin—a band of freelance agents—were tasked with rescuing the Tarasin, and they sought to track down the Zabrak. During the course of their investigations, the agents ventured to Gravane station to meet with Morgra, hoping to obtain information from the Hutt regarding the location to which Aath had taken the slaves.[1]

Morgra viewed the arrival of the agents as an opportunity to strike against Riboga, and he negotiated with the freelancers, offering to provide them with aid only on the condition that in return they shut down Riboga's spice-mining enterprise on the planet Kemix and humiliate his rival by destroying Riboga's newly-built capital ship, Rightful Dominion. After the agents refused to accept his terms, Morgra revised his offer and claimed that if his rival was brought down he could restore himself to a position of power and use his resources to relocate the residents of Gravane station, which was at imminent risk of structural failure. Once an agreement had been reached, Morgra revealed to the agents that Aath would likely have taken the kidnapped Tarasin to the world Tharados, and the agents subsequently rescued the slaves and sabotaged Riboga's operation on Kemix.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"But to complete his humiliation you must also destroy his new ship, the Rightful Dominion."
―Morgra, instructing the Heroes of Cularin to humiliate Riboga[1]

A skilled negotiator, Morgra was adept at making deals. The Hutt liked to be flattered and to be granted grandiose titles by those around him, yet he he gave the appearance of being oblivious to the efforts of his underlings to please him. Following his exile, Morgra found speaking Basic to be demeaning, and he became desperate to leave the Gravane system, yet could not risk doing so while Riboga remained in a position of power. As a result, he sought to take revenge and to humiliate his rival by bringing about the destruction of Riboga's spice-mining concern.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Morgra was created by Rob Edwards and made his only appearance in Star Wars canon in Counterstrike, a roleplaying adventure that formed part of the For Every Action trilogy of the Living Force campaign. During the adventure, the player-characters roleplay as the Heroes of Cularin and have the opportunity to negotiate with Morgra, and only if the players reject his initial proposal does Morga offer to relocate the inhabitants of Gravane station. It is also possible for the player-characters to refuse to deal with Morgra entirely and to reach no agreement with him.[1]


Notes and references[]

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