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Morjanssik was a city in the water world Mon Calamari's southern hemisphere.


Built circa 21 BBY, it was an attempt by the Quarren to set up a modern city without Mon Calamari assistance. During the early Galactic Civil War era, its population consisted of 75,000 Quarren, with only a few hundred Mon Calamari and almost no off-worlders.

Morjanssik was a multi-level floating city, built approximately two hundred kilometers from any major landmasses. Its main city dome was built above a kilometer-deep ocean trench. The trench's underwater farium mines were the backbone of the city's economy. During the Galactic Civil War, the supply of farium from these mines was vital to the Alliance to Restore the Republic's production of starships in the Mon Calamari Shipyards.

Morjanssik's government consisted of a Chief Manager (or Chief Executive), who was elected to two-year terms, and a five-member Oversight Committee, who were elected to five-year terms. Almost all government offices, including the representative to Mon Calamari's planetary government, reported to the Chief Manager. The only exception was the Oversight Committee, which met to review the Chief Manager's policies once per week. The Oversight Committee had to power to put a vote of no confidence to the entire Morjanssik electorate if dissatisfied with the Chief Manager. All adult Quarren, save only those convicted of major crimes, were eligible to vote. Moren Chonk was the Chief Manager during the early Galactic Civil War era, assisted by Assistant Manager Kelmut Wolg and advised by the Mon Calamari Alliance representative Kalbrac.

Like many suddenly prosperous mining towns, Morjanssik was plagued by criminal activity. While most crimes were the result of Quarren miners celebrating too heartily on payday, some were connected with organized black marketing, illegal gambling, or drugs. Though these organized criminals were relatively non-violent, street gangs in the lower levels often harassed the citizenry or engaged in violent turf wars.



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