Morkov was once a commander in the Clone Wars. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, he had become an arms dealer selling illegal Imperial hardware. He resided in the Keren hotel on the planet Naboo. A former clone commando by the name of Mort wanted revenge on Morkov for leaving him to die during the final days of the Battle of Kashyyyk. He sent an individual to find information on his illegal arms deals, but when the individual got there he found Morkov flanked by two B2 super battle droids. The individual informed him they were working for Jabba the Hutt, which was a lie, and that they needed five crates of E-11 blaster rifles. Morkov sent the individual to pick up five creates of these weapons from Uwo Poal at Dee'ja Peak on Naboo. The individual then returned to Mort on Talus and was tasked to kill Morkov. The individual managed to kill both him and his two droid bodyguards.

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