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"I'm Morley. I could help you. We've got everything here. I can get you what you want. For the right amount of course."
―Morley, to Savage Opress[4]

Morley was an Anacondan male native to the junk planet Lotho Minor who lived during the Clone Wars, a conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Morley helped provide the Sith Lord formerly known as Darth Maul with food during his exile in return for the "leftovers," the food Maul did not consume.

In 20 BBY, the Anacondan encountered Maul's brother, Savage Opress, whom the Anacondan tricked into finding Maul without realizing that Opress intended to locate and help his brother. When Morley found that Maul had not killed Opress, he retreated from the scene. However, before he could escape, Opress grabbed Morley and strangled him as punishment for setting him up. He then threw Morley's corpse into a fire.


The junk fields[]

"Trust me, not everything on this planet is junk."
"It's not?"
"There are things like me, things that live and breathe.
―Morley and Opress — (audio) Listen (file info)[4]

Morley was an Anacondan male who lived on the junk planet Lotho Minor during the time of the Galactic Republic.[4] Sometime between 32 BBY and 20 BBY,[5] the fallen Sith apprentice Darth Maul[6] was dumped on Lotho Minor[7] and found by Morley. He[1] brought the fallen Sith victims, which were mostly visitors, as food from which the serpentine alien got the leftovers.[3] In 20 BBY,[2] he observed the arrival of the Dathomirian Zabrak Savage Opress, Maul's brother, as Opress landed on the planet in a Terrapin-class Bulk Tanker in search of Maul. Morley greeted the Zabrak, who stamped on and choked the Anacondan. While being choked, Morley offered to guide Opress through the treacherous junk world, but the Zabrak rejected him and continued the search for his brother.[4]


Morley and Opress

Despite Opress' rejection, Morley accompanied him and warned him about the many threats of Lotho Minor. As Morley mentioned the "fire-breathers," massive droids that incinerated garbage on the planet, the pair were encountered by some of the droids and Opress had to follow the Anacondan to get to safety. After they got away from the "fire-breathers," they ran into a group of fiercely territorial junkers, which Morley was not too keen about. As the pair moved further into the junkers' territory, the natives attacked. While Opress cut through most of the native scavengers with his lightsaber, Morley attacked one that was aiming at the unaware Zabrak, by slapping his tail into his hip, which made the junker miss his shot.[4]

Maul's lair[]

"Oh, you are still alive, huh."
―Morley, to Savage Opress[4]

After Opress was finished with most of the junkers, the remaining fled. Morley then asked the Zabrak who[4] he[8] was looking for. Opress reluctantly answered that he was looking for his brother. In response, Morley asked if Opress' brother looked like him, and Opress asked if the Anacondan had seen him. Morley claimed to have heard stories of a horned man like Opress, which prompted the Zabrak follow the snake-like alien in suspicion that the horned man could be Maul. Shortly afterward, acid rain began to fall and Morley advised Opress to seek shelter. After a quick look around, Opress spotted a place with cover, which both took refuge at.[4]


Opress chokes Morley to death.

In the shelter, Morley pretended to be surprised by some dead bodies. Opress, believing to have been betrayed by Mother Talzin, stepped on a trap door in his rage, which Morley sprung, dropping the Zabrak into a deep pit. Morley chuckled as he had lured another victim into his master's lair to be eaten. As Opress fell, Morley relished the thought of his master letting him feed on the leftovers. After some time, Morley came to his master's lair to eat on Opress' leftovers, but when he arrived, he realized that Opress was still alive, after searching for his brother, finding him and trying to help him remember who he really was. Morley tried to get away, but was grabbed by Opress and questioned about the state of his brother. But the Zabrak eventually choked the serpent to death and threw him into the fire.[4]

Personality and traits[]

"You'll make a good offering and when my master's done with you, I get the leftovers!"
―Morley, to Savage Opress[4]

Morley tricked Opress into stepping on a trap door.

Because of the harsh conditions on Lotho Minor and his belief in self-preservation, Morley needed cunning and would do anything to survive.[1] Morley possessed two white eyes and brown skin with occasional gray stripes[4] and was 4.7 meters (15 ft 5 in) long.[3]

When Opress first arrived on Lotho Minor Morley offered him to help and show him around, but would only do that at a price, which Opress declined. Morleys great knowledge of his homeworld came into play while showing Opress around Lotho Minor anyway, warning him from the fire-breathers and calling the junkers a strange folk. Morleys respect for the junkers abilities to fight and a little bit of cowardness, resulted in him wanting to leave a hostile situation with the junkers. Because the pair don't leave the junkers territories they attack and Morley witnesses a junker aiming at Opress, threatening to wound the Zabrak. Morley denies this action by whipping his tail at said junker, apparently showing that he cares about the life of Opress. However, in reality, he was just saving him just so he could feed him to his master.[4]

After the fight Morley questions Opress, showing interest in what he is doing on Lotho Minor. He then told Opress about an old local legend, which fits the description of what Opress is looking for on Lotho Minor. After an acid rain starts to fall the two of them find shelter in a hut, where Morley is surprised to see some dead bodies. Opress then is upset about the fact that he thinks that Mother Talzin has betrayed him, which is the moment when Morley springs a trap and betrays Opress. While Opress is falling, Morley chuckles about the thought of getting Opress' leftovers. Morley was working for Maul the whole time, showing his deceptiveness infront of Opress. After a brief period of time Morley came back to his master to feed on Opress' leftovers and was surprised that he was still alive.[4]

Skills and abilities[]

"But you'll need my guidance to avoid the fire-breathers."

During the attack of the junkers on him and Opress, Morley used his body as a whip to disturb an aiming junker. He was also able to climb steep surfaces and coil around objects. The Anacondan was able to guide visitors through Lotho Minor,[4] and could scavenge Lotho Minor's territories while surviving the planet's threats with his guile.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Morley Head Concept Art

Concept art for Morley's head

Morley first appeared in Brothers,[4] the twenty-first episode of season four of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, and first aired on March 9 2012.[9] He was voiced by Ben Diskin.[4] In the original script Morley was killed by Maul and not by Opress. Morley's mouth and animation design is a throwback to a time when creature effects were made with hand puppets.[10] Morley also possessed the trait of cunning,[1] which was common for snakes or snake-like beings and roots on a biblical creature, the serpent of Eden, who managed to tempt Eve to taste the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden.[11]



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