Morn was a male Mon Calamari member of the criminal syndicate Black Sun. Having attained the rank of Vigo, Morn was based on his homeworld Dac and oversaw Black Sun operations in that sector of the galaxy. His murder was the first move of Maul's destruction of Black Sun's leadership, driving the other Vigos, along with Garyn, to meet at Garyn's castle on Ralltiir, where they could be slaughtered in a group in 33 BBY.


A male Mon Calamari from Dac,[1] Morn became involved in the criminal organization Black Sun, eventually rising through the ranks and attaining the title vigo, making him one of the nine lieutenants of the syndicate. Morn was stationed on Dac, controlling all of Black Sun's operations in that sector of space.[2]

Following the Black Sun attack on Sojourn, the Vigos of Black Sun unknowingly became the targets of the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious and his master, Darth Plagueis. Due to time restraints, the Sith would not be able to hunt down the Vigos separately and kill them; instead the Sith would need to lure them together so they could die at once. In order to draw them out Sidious decided to send his apprentice, Darth Maul, to kill Morn following the initial execution of Vigo Darnada.[3]

Storming Morn's stronghold on Dac, Maul killed all of Morn's guards and the members of his court, leaving the Vigo for last. As Morn crawled through the corpses of his followers and protectors, the Zabrak Sith murdered the Mon Calamari with a strike from his lightsaber.[2]



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