"Morna is quietly becoming the Rebellion's most important operative within Incom."
―Airen Cracken[src]

Morna Faenarm was a Human female who was a professional athlete before becoming an accountant for Incom Corporation as well as an operative that passed information along to Alliance Intelligence.


Morna Faenarm was born around 30 BBY. She became a professional athlete and toured the galaxy where she witnessed the Galactic Empire's action enough to become sympathetic to the Rebellion. She used the contacts she gained as an athlete to move into business and in a couple of years she was an accountant for Incom Corporation. After the Battle of Yavin, Incom had been taken over by the Galactic Empire but Faenarm realized that by getting inside the power structure of the corporation she could get information on new ships, technology, and Imperial military strategies. She was able to pass this information along to the Rebellion by sending information and credits through a series of anonymous dummy accounts she had set up.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Faenarm was a Human female. She was a cautious and thorough operative and was smart enough to utilize the rampant corporate paranoia as a way to gather information. She would use political maneuvers to get information from higher-up executives who were looking for allies in lower management. General Airen Cracken considered her one of their most important operatives within Incom.[1]

Skills and abilities[]

Despite being a valuable operative Faenarm was fairly average when it came to skills. She was a talented runner and had a good head for business and she showed an affinity towards computer programming and navigating bureaucracies. Finally she had a bit of talent in both stealth as well as forgery.[1]


Faenarm carried a datapad, a recording rod, five Piercer V spikes, and a lectroticker.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Morna Faenarm was designed by Rick Olshak for Cracken's Rebel Operatives, a supplement for the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game that was published by West End Games in 1994. She was illustrated by Mike Vilardi.


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