The MorningStar-A was a starfighter popular with mercenaries around the time of the Invasion of Naboo.


They were armed with a large number of missiles that could prove deadly for starfighters and capital ships alike.


A short time prior to the Invasion of Naboo, a large number of MorningStars attacked the freighter convoy led by Reeve Dallows, captain of the freighter Charm's Way. The attack was driven off with the aid of Bravo Flight pilot Essara Till.

Later, MorningStars were among the mercenary retinue employed by the Trade Federation to assassinate Queen Amidala. However, this attack was driven off by Reeve Dallow's son, Rhys. Upon returning to the Trade Federation, they were given orders to terminate Vana Sage's contact with the Federation "by force".


There were at least two known variants of the MorningStar-A: the MorningStar-B and MorningStar-C.

The B model was more of a dogfighting type, like the A model. However, the B model possessed more firepower than the A model and could also take more damage. The C model was an assault starfighter for use against capital ships. This variant naturally had the most firepower. It was also more armored than the other types.



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