Morrit Ch'gally was a Human male Jedi Master and a recruiter for the Acquisition Division of the Jedi Order. Serving at the Coruscant Jedi Temple in the years preceding the Ruusan Reformation, Master Ch'gally was trained as a Sentinel and, among many other contributions to the Order, authored several chapters of the Temple guidebook titled, The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force. Writing down stories of his experiences as a Recruiter, Ch'gally passed on knowledge useful to the way a young Jedi should present themselves to the galaxy.


Like most Jedi of the era, Master Ch'gally served the Order as a member of the Army of Light in the crusades against the Brotherhood of Darkness known as the New Sith Wars. When the war ended, Ch'gally continued to study as a Sentinel, maintaining the role of investigator. Working intimately with the droids in the Jedi Temple analysis wing, Ch'gally would advise students on patience when it came to dealing with the computers there, as they provide answers only to those who thoughtfully requested them. At some point, Ch'gally entered into work with the Acquisition Division and helped acquire several hundred Jedi Initiates throughout his career.[2]

Master Ch'gally, while a believer in the Force, also stressed a reliance on one's own skills. He often cited that focusing on combat training or studying the Force was good for fighting and debating, but to truly serve as guardians of civilization, one had to interact with the public and train in activities that lay-people performed and could relate to.[2]

When fellow Masters of the time proposed that a guidebook to the life of the Jedi be written, Master Ch'gally agreed to work on the project, authoring five chapters. Focusing on proper appearance and conduct that would best represent the Order, Ch'gally also touched on the necessity of being prepared while on a mission. Ch'gally had the privilege of detailing the aspects of being a Sentinel of the Order, as well as describing his profession as a recruiter for the Acquisition Division.[2]

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While it did not make it into the finished edition, Daniel Wallace, author of The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force, released a list detailing the genders and species of each of the authors of the in-universe The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force. Master Ch'gally is revealed to be a male Human.[1]


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