Morrt-class parasite-droids were espionage droids commissioned by Warlord Zsinj's Project Morrt.

A small, box-shaped droid with a color-shifting exterior and four small arms, a Morrt-class droid would attach itself to the hull of a starship and track its movements. The droid would send its tracking data to Zsinj's forces using its integrated hypercomm system. The Morrt droid would occasionally move from one ship to another using its half-meter long limbs and reattach with the gripping devices at the ends of those limbs. The color-shifting exterior was used to disguise the droid to match the target vessel's hull material.

Data from the Morrt droids was used to deploy empion mines. Several of them were used to determine the location of the New Republic base on Folor. One Morrt-class droid was attached to a factory-new X-wing when it was assigned to Wraith Squadron. This droid was disabled by the EMP/ion pulse of an empion mine when the group was ambushed in the Xobome system, which allowed Kell Tainer to analyze the droid and send data about it back to the New Republic Defense Fleet.

The New Republic was then able to use the droids to feed misinformation back to Zsinj's forces. After the destruction of Implacable, production of Morrt-class parasite droids is likely to have ceased altogether.



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