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The Morrt was an experimental vessel created during the height of the Galactic Civil War that was loaned to a group of Rebels so that they could take down Consolidations Unlimited. It was a three-man craft designed to latch on to other vessels while in hyperspace, and bore a hole in the hull to allow a commando unit to access the "host ship".

Essentially, the ship was just a large engine with a cockpit attached, and combined the hyperspace capacity of long-range fighters with the hull-penetration of classic Corellian boarding skiffs. It was designed to ride behind the host ship in hyperspace, gliding along in the wake of the hyperspace engines until the time was right, when it would accelerate alongside the host and latch on to the side of the ship. The edge of the cockpit would then be used to drill a hole in the hull. With the addition of mass and weight, the hyperdrive engines on the host ship will be forced to deal with a new set of figures. Safety routines would click into place, and the ship should drop out of hyperspace just as the Morrt's crew begins boarding. This had the benefit of both halting the host ships movement, and allowing larger ships in the area to attack it.

The ships hull was designed to reduce the engine signal, making it difficult for enemy sensors to detect. It could approach ships stealthily, then leap into hyperspace alongside the ship it was planning on boarding and glide along smoothly until boarding operations commenced.

During its mission to help take down Consolidations Unlimited, the Morrt was piloted by Ne Thruska, and carried Selnia Trigg and J'rek de Mahdav as passengers. It followed the Tarnta's Fang into hyperspace and, upon a signal from Cermack Rustill, who was aboard the Fang, they began boarding. Unfortunately, this damaged the Fang's engines, causing it to crash on the planet Darstell 4 and crush the Morrt


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