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"Whoever I'm looking for is in that monastery."
―Anakin Skywalker[src]

The monastery was situated on the planet Mortis during the Clone Wars. The Father lived in the monastery, inhabiting the planet with his Son and Daughter.



The interior of the monastery

The monastery tower, located atop a high mountain summit, featured a glowing diamond-shaped crystal, infused with the power of the Force, suspended above its pinnacle roof.


Around 21 BBY, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, landed on the planet after receiving an ancient distress call in encoded signal.

Anakin eventually encountered the Father in the Mortis monastery, dutifully led there by the Daughter, and was offered a room in which to stay. That evening, the young Jedi Knight perceived to experience a vision of his mother, but the dream proved to be a vicious fabrication conjured by the Son.

It was inside the premises of the monastery that Anakin submitted to the test that proved him, in fact, to be the Chosen One of prophecy, who the Father believed was destined to replace him and bring universal balance to the Force.

After kidnapping Ahsoka in order to drive Anakin to the dark side and, with his aid, wreak havoc on the galaxy, the Son returned to the monastery where the Father and Daughter conversed. Impatient of the long life of the Father and to escape the planet, the Son declared his forbidden calamitous intent, which thereafter resulted in a climactic duel between the Daughter (the embodiment of selflessness and the light side of the Force) and the Son (the embodiment of selfishness and the dark side)—an ongoing feud between the powerful siblings that ultimately culminated in the death of themselves and their Father.

For the Father, desperate to retain the Son (and thereby preserve a balance to the Force), stabbed himself with the Dagger of Mortis, which weakened the Son and allowed Anakin to deliver to the Son a final mortal blow. Earlier, the Son, in his own attempt to kill the Father, accidentally stabbed the Daughter, who had rushed forward to protect the Father but who afterwards voluntarily gave up her own life-force to save the life of a corrupted and dying Ahsoka.

With the absolution (by the death of the Ones) of the planet's strained familial relations (in the fight to preserve a Force balance), the crystal atop the monastery shattered and Mortis exploded, emitting a blinding white light that transported the Jedi trio out of the visionary Force realm and back to a galaxy they warmly recognized and had come to know.



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