Morvaks were unusual creatures that resembled large crustaceans that were meters across. They were considered an unusual example of life as they gained sustenance from rocks and stones. Furthermore, they did not require 'standard' liveable conditions such as gravity or atmosphere and thus had no problem surviving in environments like asteroid belts. The only requirement they needed was an abundance of food sources. Should none be present then they would enter into a state of hibernation till new food sources developed, a process that would sometimes take many years.

They possessed a heavy exo-skeleton which would protect them from harm. Locomotion was carried out by two pairs of legs and a pair of clawed limbs allowed them to manipulate their food into their tentacle covered mouths. They were able to exude a powerful acidic chemical which was used to break down the composition of rocks, as well as stones, into a more digestable form. The mouth tentacles was also used to 'feel' the rocks and gave the Morvak an understanding of what kind of material they were burrowing through.

While they seemed as vicious creatures due to their appearance they were in fact sociable creatures that would work in packs to repel predators or to locate new sources of minerals. It was never discovered whether they were a planetary based species that adapted to space or evolved in the vacuum of space; and as such their homeworld was never found.


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