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During 0 BBY, a Mos Eisley cop was part of the local law enforcement in Mos Eisley that was hunting BoShek for running an Imperial blockade and destroying four TIE Fighters in the process. Though BoShek was indeed the perpetrator, the policeman simply wanted a pilot scapegoat to sacrifice to the stormtrooper presence that had amassed on the planet in pursuit of the Tantive IV's jettisoned escape pod.

The cop and his reinforcements chased BoShek to the Dowager Queen where the smuggler disguised himself as a Force preaching monk, the execution of Het Nkik by Zeta Squadron below distracted the group long enough for BoShek to escape the old ship. Though the law enforcer managed to get a shot from his blaster, a throng of preachers now also chasing BoShek for mocking their profession provided enough cover that the man couldn't get an aim finally allowing BoShek to slip away.


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