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Mos Shuuta Grill & Cantina was one of the drinking and dining establishments located in Mos Shuuta on Tatooine, and was positioned near the south edge of the bluff that the town was situated on. It was tended by Vik, a male Devaronian with knowledge concerning goings on in Mos Shuuta.



Located in the south end of Mos Shuuta on Tatooine, the Mos Shuuta Grill & Cantina[1] was built with steps leading down into the lower than street elevation common room, and an arched roof supported by thick heavy struts. The bar was located on the north side of the common room, left of the entrance in relation to an entering patron. A stage was located across the common room opposite the entrance and on the east end of the cantina. Vik was the cantina's male Devaronian bartender, and was kept informed of the goings on in Mos Shuuta. He was tending the bar when a group of adventurers entered to hide from Gamorrean guards sent by Teemo the Hutt to capture them. After the group had a brief encounter with the guards, Vik expressed that they would need to get off-planet, and informed them of a freighter docked at Landing Bay Aurek. He stated, however, that the ship belonged to a Trandoshan bounty hunter named Trex, and that they would need to replace its Hypermatter reactor igniter before they escaped with it. After directing them to local junk shop owner for a possible source for an igniter, Vorn Tel-Ovis, Vik then ordered them to get out of his bar.[2]

Behind the scenes

The name of the cantina is revealed on the back page of each folio in the image of a coaster with the logo depicting a silloutted profile of the spaceport, and the name of the cantina written in both High Galactic characters and in Galactic Basic Standard around the circular edge. MOS SHUUTA GRILL & CANTINA in Latin characters on one side and "MOS SHUUTA GRILL AE CANTINA" (sic) on the opposite side in aurebesh. While the coaster can be only partially seen on the printed folios included with the Beginner Game kit, the PDF downloads are able to display the entire image of the coaster as a separate graphic artifact.[1]


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