Mosgoths were large flying reptiles native to Togoria, the Togorian homeworld. They were used as mounts by the Togorian people who befriended them.

Another species of flying reptile, the liphons, often preyed on both mosgoths and the primitive Togorians. When the Togorians realized that they and the mosgoths had a common enemy, they started to camp near mosgoth nests for mutual protection. Eventually, Togorians domesticated the mosgoths, and started using them as mounts. This was the event which led to the formation of a Togorian civilization of settled females and nomadic male hunters riding mosgoths to the hunt. Even after making contact with galactic society, both male and female Togorians preferred to walk or ride mosgoths rather than use motorized vehicles. Togorians bonded strongly with their mosgoth mounts.


D'qell Sisters on Mosgoths.

Mosgoths were easily tamed, and strong enough to carry a Togorian male on their back in flight. They also enjoyed being petted, like many tame animals.

Mlatar Thon Gra, a Togorian Master Smith and member of the Zulirian Swordmasters, owned a mosgoth called Ktlin.



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