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Mosh Barris was a Republic Army and then Imperial Army officer.


As a colonel, Barris served aboard the Strikefast. In 19 BBY, he led a ground detachment to an unspecified planet on the edge of the Unknown Regions in order to hunt down the smuggler ship Starwayman. Upon arriving on the surface, the ground forces were unable to find the smugglers, but immediately found themselves in a situation which Barris found dubious. Planet side, the forces discovered what appeared to be a native settlement of an as-yet-unknown alien people. Under the terms of the Republic-era Unknown Alien Encounters Orders, the Strikefast and its ground personnel were forced to remain until the native people were encountered and documented. During his short stay on the planet, Barris was forced to deal with a native people who caused numerous casualties among his personnel, including the downing and deaths of at least two of the Strikefast's TIE Fighters and their pilots.

Barris sees Thrawn for the first time.

During the encounter, the Strikefast's commanding officer, Captain Voss Parck, ordered the deployment of stormtroopers, a group Barris expressed his dislike of to his subordinates. Despite the reinforcement of Stormtrooper personnel, Barris made the decision to evacuate the location due to mounting casualties in strange hit-and-fade strikes on the force's compound, taking the entire native site with him. Upon returning to the Strikefast, though, it was revealed to Barris that the hostile "natives" were, in fact, a single alien: Mitth'raw'nuruodo, a Chiss warrior exiled to the planet, as he explained, for undertaking a preemptive strike. Barris expressed his protests to Parck's idea of taking the alien back to Emperor Palpatine, a prize he hoped would be similar to the discovery of Honoghr and the Noghri.

By 5 ABY, Barris was stationed on Garqi as the Imperial Prefect. Corran Horn, disguised as Eamon Yzalli, infiltrated Barris's cabinet and succeeded in framing him as an Imperial traitor.


Barris investigating a crash site.