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"Someone really liked bugs, I guess. I wonder how they'd feel if they knew their art had ended up as a mound of moss."
―Zak Arranda, describing a statue in the Sikadian Garden[src]

Mosses were a type of soft,[1] slippery plant.[2]

Moss could cover virtually any surface, growing everywhere from city streets[3] to walls,[4] from rocks[3] to trees,[5] and from forests[6] to spacecraft.[7] It was even known to cover the thoraxes of the Kolosolok race of Killiks.[5] While moss primarily grew in the wild, especially in humid air,[8] it had a variety of uses. The Alderaanian Ob Khaddor produced a moss painting known as Killik Twilight,[9] and some species could eat moss as a last-resort source of sustenance.[2]

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Sphagnum moss was used in the construction of the Felucia miniature set for Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.[12]

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