The Mostlaa were a humanoid, sentient species. Individuals of the species had heavy brows, sunken eyes, and large, pointed ears. The Mostlaa named Jimmer had a receding hairline and a beard, creating an overall weasel-like impression. Jimmer stood 1.3 meters tall and wore a hooded, long-sleeved robe, a wrap around the waist, and boots. Jimmer worked as an executive assistant for Nilya Fek'ra, a crime lord based on the Outer Rim Territories' planet Cotellier during the period of the Galactic Empire.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Bill Smith created the Mostlaa species for the roleplaying adventure "Tales of the Smoking Blaster," published by West End Games in 1993 as part of the Star Wars Gamemaster Handbook. Jimmer, the Mostlaa, was illustrated by Paul Daly.[1]

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