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This space station was bioengineered by the Rakata around a barren world located in an irradiated system within the Unknown Regions, in order to create new Force-sensitive species that were intended to serve as labor forces for the Infinite Empire. After the fall of the Empire the station, impregnated with the Force like all Rakata technologies, was abandoned and over the course of the millennia gradually became self-aware and learned to use its ability to manipulate the Force. Through its powers, the station began to feel the presence of the living beings of the galaxy and developed a sense of loneliness that turned into hatred when it felt the freedom of organic beings who could move at will through their bodies. After having probed the galaxy in search of help, it finally managed to telepathically reach Seer, a clone of Lumiya created by Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn during the Galactic Civil War, who promised to come to the entity and called it "Mother".


At about 41.5 ABY, Mother had contacted Seer, a genetic clone of the Dark Lady of the Sith Lumiya, who at the time had been trapped in an Imperial research facility on a frozen moon in the Unknown Regions. Seer's connection to Mother made her a prophet to the other clones; and she was able to convince them to go with her to Mother, telling them that Mother could cure them of the genetic illness they suffered.

Only Seer, Soldier, and Grace, one of the clones' children, survived the trek to arrive at the Rakatan space station, pursued by Jedi on one side and agents of the One Sith on the other. Mother managed to trick Seer and freed herself by seizing control of Seer's body. When the Jedi Knight Jaden Korr and his allies later destroyed the station, Mother was killed in the process.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Mother was incredibly powerful in the Force and the combined efforts of Jaden Korr, Soldier and Marr were no match to combat her. In addition, she could fire a powerful green variant of Force lightning.


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