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Mother Talzin, of the Nightsisters

"Mother Rell is nearly three hundred years old, but her spirit is so strong that it will not let her body die."
Augwynne Djo[src]

Mother was a title given to female elders or womanly leaders in various matriarchal cultures such as the Witches of Dathomir or the Tarasin species.

Dathomiri MotherEdit

"Mother Augwynne told me that you petitioned to join the Singing Mountain clan. We would like to welcome you back fully as a sister some day."
Teneniel Djo to Barukka[src]

The "Mother" (sometimes clan mother, "Matron"[1] or "Matriarch"[2]) honorific was also applied to leaders of Dathomiri witches clans, including certain Nightsister covens.[3][4][5] Such leaders included Gethzerion, the founder of the Nightsisters, Mother Talzin, a Nightsister Shaman during the Clone Wars,[5] and Mother Rell, oldest member of the Singing Mountain Clan.[3]

The earliest Clan Mother of Dathomir was the banished Jedi Knight Allya, who literally sired the first witches and taught her daughters the ways of the Force through the lens of magicks. A Dathomiri Clan Mother was the heir of Allya's authority over the clan members, known as Sisters.[3]

For a mere Sister, a convenient way for the echelons of power was to kill the current Mother (similar to the Sith's typical method of succession). If the assassination attempt was successful, the murderer was considered worthy of taking her victim's place. Around 31 BBY, the young Ros Lai stabbed Queen Zalem with a lightsaber, to which other witches reacted by saying: "The Mother is dead. Long live the Mother."[6]

Tarasin MotherEdit

"You become the Mother of the Hiironi because it is what the irstat wants. What you want is not important. What is best for you is not in your hands to decide. You are part of something much greater. We are Tarasin."
―Dariana's mother to Dariana as a child[src]

On Cularin, a "Mother" was the eldest woman of a Tarasin irstat. This woman was considered a leader and wise-woman, usually having served for several years as an Irstat-Kes.[7]

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In the context of the Witches of Dathomir, this title first appeared in April 1994 in Dave Wolverton's The Courtship of Princess Leia.



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