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"I so appreciate the support."
―Mon Mothma, to Perrin Fertha and Leida Mothma[7]

The Mothma family was a political family from the Core Worlds planet Chandrila. Mon Mothma married young in accordance with Chandrilan tradition, becoming the wife of Perrin Fertha a year before she became a senator. They had a daughter, Leida Mothma, and resided at the Chandrilan Embassy on the galactic capital of Coruscant during the era of the Galactic Empire. The rebel operative Vel Sartha was a cousin of Mon Mothma.


Perrin Fertha: "No, Mon became a senator at 16."
Ingenue: "So this is where you met?"
Mon Mothma: "No, we'd already been married a year."
Ingenue: "That's so romantic."
―Perrin Fertha, an ingenue, and Mon Mothma[2]

The human female Mon Mothma[1] was a member of the[8] Mothma family[9] from the planet Chandrila[1] of the Core Worlds.[10] Mothma's father served as an arbiter-general in the Galactic Republic[1] and her mother served as governor of Hanna City.[3] When she was fifteen, Mothma turned her back on the family's political dynasty to become a historian, though by the following summer she had reversed her decision in part due to family pressures and eventually became a senator in the Galactic Senate.[1]

Extended Mothma family

Mon Mothma had a husband, Perrin Fertha; a daughter, Leida Mothma; and a cousin, Vel Sartha.

Mon Mothma married Perrin Fertha a year before she became a senator at the age of sixteen. From then on they lived together at the Chandrilan Embassy on the galactic capital of Coruscant.[2] Mothma and Fertha had a daughter, Leida Mothma.[11] Vel Sartha, a member of Luthen Rael's rebel network, was a cousin of Mon Mothma and was referred to as "Aunt Vel" by Leida.[12]

During the era of the Galactic Empire,[13] Fertha had grown accustomed to the privileges of his station as a senator's consort and had little in common with his idealistic wife,[14] who used her position in the Imperial Senate to oppose the overreach of Imperial authority.[12] Mon Mothma also had a challenging relationship with her daughter, Leida,[15] who became resentful of the time that her mother spent on her political endeavors. As a result, Leida developed a preference for Chandrilan traditions, many of which Mon regarded as "outdated" by modern standards.[11]

The Chandrilan banker Davo Sculdun sought to introduce his son, Stekan Sculdun, to Leida Mothma. While he did not request a betrothal, Sculdun noted that under Chandrilan custom Leida was nearly old enough for marriage. His proposition was rejected by Mon Mothma, who disapproved of that tradition.[16] Nonetheless, Leida and Stekan later met at the Chandrilan Embassy in the company of their respective parents.[17]

Family tree[]

Mon Mothma's father[1]
Mon Mothma[1]
Perrin Fertha[13]
Leida Mothma[18]
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Behind the scenes[]

Caroline Blakiston, who portrayed Mon Mothma in the 1983 film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, proposed to George Lucas through a letter to let her appear in the 2005 film Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith as Mon Mothma's grandmother, due to the film featuring Genevieve O'Reilly as a younger version of her character, but Blakiston never got a response from Lucas.[19]


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