The motion interface package was a cybernetic developed by SoroSuub Corporation for enhanced piloting ability.

Superior in function to the failed Neural interface device, the Motion interface was a cybernetic hardware/software add on designed for boosting the abilities of a pilot, and allowed for direct interface between machine and pilot. When active, the user was capable of directly commanding and accessing primary systems such as piloting controls, weapon and shielding systems, sensor systems, and etcetera. The package allowed for greatly increased spatial acuity on the part of the pilot, and enabled the user to track the relative positions, velocities, and course trajectories of not only himself, but dozens of objects simultaneously.

The package also functioned as an specialized pilot's heads-up display, and was capable of color coding and highlighting friends, foes, and obstacles for quick and immediate reference - cutting down on processing time even further. The device was capable of being used over a broad spectrum of vehicles, ranging from starships, to repulsorcraft, to even beasts of burden (as the users spatial systems could assist in piloting the beast with greater accuracy than normal). With the size of the vehicle in question being of no concern; a user could even directly control a warship of immense size. However, in order to control systems, the user had to be directly interfaced with a system that was designed to control said systems; in a starfighter, the multitude of systems where designed to be controlled from a singular area - a cockpit - because of this, a user could directly interface with a starfighter and control all of those systems. On a warship, where systems were often divided - fire control, sensor control, piloting and helm - a user could only interface with one system at a time, and then control that system; a user could thus control shields and piloting from a ships bridge, but to fire weapons, would have to switch interface with the gun control system.

As with all cybernetics that enhance sensory perception, users of the package reported that they found normal life "dull" in comparison to the sensory stream of piloting, with many recipients claiming that a starship dogfight becomes much like a vid-game game, with even intense engagements (that while stimulating) become wearisome due to the ease of piloting. Because of this, while the package produced no degradation on the users sanity or nervous system, DID tend to culture a personality of risk and daredevilry to find greater challenges as a pilot. In addition, in some users, it produced an urge in the user to crave greater and greater risks in order to achieve greater height of sensory perception - in the end, leading the user into suicidal situations to experience the ultimate high.

The pirate Abav Ghart was fitted with a motion interface package.[1]


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