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"If you can picture a little garbage masher on four legs and covered with fur and tusks, that's a mott. Ill-tempered and brusque, in contrast to my own sweet nature."
―Lareen Dantara[src]

Motts were medium sized, semi-aquatic herbivores (about 1 meter at the shoulder) native to the Gungan swamps of Naboo.


An adult female and her young - one youngster chasing a dwarf nuna for fun.

The motts dwelled in underground mudbank borrows. They ate a wide variety of vegetation and were a primary source of food for most swamp predators like bursas (even Gungans occasionally killed motts). Fortunately, motts had a high reproduction rate (about 15 young per birth).

Motts lived in communes of up to 15 adults. Communes usually consisted of a dominant male and, perhaps, one lieutenant male that guarded the females and young.

Threat displays to determine dominance was exhibited by both sexes.

They were very good swimmers, and young often hitched rides on an adult's back. They also had good hearing and a nose horn for rooting out food. Gungans found motts to be good pets even though motts were known for tearing up flower gardens.

Behind the scenes[]

Swimming motts.

The mott can be spotted during the swamp stampede sequence of Episode I, as well as the arrival at the Gungan Sacred Place later in the film. In both cases, the creature is realized as a computer generated creation.

The mott resembles the real world hippopotamus.


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Example of a Mott's growl