The Motti family was a clan of wealthy and influental Humans centralized on Phelarion, a planet of the Seswenna sector, in the Outer Rim Territories. They had earned their fortune for centuries mainly through mining of megonite moss on their homeworld. The earliest known member of the bloodline, Lithio Motti, had married a woman of the House Praji from Coruscant to secure startup capital for his mining enterprise. Like many patricians, the Motti preferred not to intermarry with the lower class but with other nobles.[1] The Motti were known to use slave labor in order to increase their benefits but had many ties to the Republican—and then Imperial—government, which is probably why they never got convicted for that.

As a prominent family from the Seswenna sector, they were related to the Tarkin by at least one marriage, that of Lady Thalassa Motti and Wilhuff Tarkin,[4] who was Lieutenant governor of Eriadu[5] before being appointed as the first Grand Moff of the Galactic Empire.[6] Conan Antonio Motti, a nephew of Thalassa,[3] also pursued a successful career with the Empire, achieving the rank of admiral and becoming the head of Imperial Navy operations aboard the planet-killing Death Star.[2]

Family treeEdit

                                                   Lithio Motti--+--Unknown Praji
                                                                 + (several generations)
                               |                                 |                                 |
                               |                                 |                                 |
     Wilhuff Tarkin--+--Thalassa Tarkin                   Unknown Motti                     Unknown Motti
                                                                 |                                 |
                                                                 |                                 |
                                                       Conan Antonio Motti                   Shella Motti



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