Mount Yoda, originally called Mount Dagger,[2] was an enormous shield volcano on Dagobah that dated from the early years of that planet's formation, billions of years in the past.


The only major geological feature on Dagobah, Mount Dagger stood ten kilometers tall and towered over the jungle canopy and the fog bank that shrouded the planet. A shield volcano, most of the shield had eroded away, leaving a craggy igneous spire that jutted above the clouds. The hardened lava-interior remained intact and ripe for geological exploration and discovery. Small plants and lichens found no where else on the planet thrived in the soil around Mount Dagger.[3]

It was named for Jedi Master Yoda after the scholar Arhul Hextrophon suggested it to Rebel forces.[2] The New Republic set up a Defense Research and Planetary Assistance Center (also known as DRAPAC) on the mountain in 5 ABY.[2]

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