Movac Arisster was a Human male from Lorrd City. He had a dark-haired mustache and beard, weighed 150 kilos, was well muscled, and had considered a career in wrestling. However, he became a university professor, getting a tenure with the University of Pangalactic Cultural Studies.


Arisster studied how literary cycles from different planets became merged as they entered the galactic community. He specialized in the various myths of Aayla Secura. In 40 ABY, he got an incurable form of cancer and only had six months to live. It was then that he saw a vision of Aayla (in reality a projection of Lumiya) telling him to enter himself in a mythical cycle by killing a Jedi.

Arisster took a number of people hostage at the Lorrd Academy for Aquatic Studies, and demanded that the world's Jedi show up. When Jacen Solo refused to negotiate with him, Jacen having no other option detonated Arisster's suicide bomb, killing him and his Human shield, Serom Haxan, to prevent Arisster from taunting the Jedi for their helplessness and killing other hostages with a blaster as the day went on.



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