Instrument of Meditation

A Togruta Jedi using a form of Moving Meditation

"Jedi who enter Moving Meditation feel as if they can tackle any task."
Jedi Master Skarch Vaunk[src]

Moving Meditation was a Jedi meditation technique where one meditated while repairing and building mechanical devices, or simply focusing on a moving object.


"There are others who may achieve this in occupying the mind, in achieving a moving meditation where operating on machinery achieves a similar effect."

Anakin Skywalker meditating

Moving Meditation was learned by the Jedi Exile while trying to improve the functionality of her utility droid T3-M4, which had lost many programs in its behavior core in addition to the damage taken to its frame in the times during the Jedi Civil War. Bao-Dur, a Zabrak ex-military engineer who traveled with her, may also have been a practitioner of this technique, even prior to his training in the ways of the Force, able to find peace only when repairing something. Other Jedi known to have adopted this particular form of meditation include Anakin Skywalker and Aayla Secura, and possibly Cay Qel-Droma. Following the loss of his left arm in the Beast Wars, Cay used his remarkable skills to give himself a "better fighting" one, focusing on the appendage of an old XT-6 droid he calmed the pain and regained his strengths. Anakin would often meditate in such a way to shrug off disturbing thoughts and delusions. Another notable example of moving meditation would be Galen Marek repairing Kazdan Paratus' broken lightsaber pike.



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