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Mrisst was a mid-sized planet,[2] located in the Fakir sector of the Colonies.[1] It had a mild climate, and its four continents were dotted with small lakes and rivers. Jungle made up the majority of the terrain, consisting of spinetrees, spirepines, and a variety of other flora. It was the homeworld of the Mrissi.[2]

Mrisst became a center of higher learning for many underprivileged youths galaxywide; its Mrisst Trade and Science Academy, while not as prestigious as other universities, was an effective learning institution.[2]


Mrisst was discovered by the Tenth Alderaanian Expedition during the Old Republic ear. When Alderaanians arrived on the planet, the Mrissi boasted many different cultures but had yet to develop three dimensional art.[4]

The planet was subjugated by the Galactic Empire during the Imperial Period and thus eagerly joined the New Republic later.[2] In 6 ABY, during the New Republic campaign to liberate Coruscant, Rogue Squadron stopped an incursion of Warlord Zsinj's forces above Mrisst.[5]

Mrisst was recaptured by Grand Admiral Thrawn during his campaign, who used it as a staging area for his final assaults leading up to his surprising attack on Coruscant.[2] Ten years later, the New Republic used the Mrisst system as a staging area for an attack on Yaga Minor.[6]

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The PC game Star Wars: Rebellion mistakenly places the Fakir sector and, consequently, Mrisst, in the Galactic Core.



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