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The Mrlsst Trade and Science Academy, also known as the Mrlsst Planetary University, was one of the leading institutions for applied sciences in the galaxy, and was was the primary institute of higher learning on Mrlsst.

It was at this university that the former Death Star scientist Professor Rorax Falken undertook the Phantom Project, which aimed to create a unique cloaking device that required very little energy to maintain and could resist the effects of gravity well projectors. In reality a smoke-screen designed to swindle the Empire out of every credit it would pay, funds for the project were diverted to other research under Falken's control, which resulted in the university developing several other pieces of technology, including the Gravitic polarization beam and the technology for Mrlssi Laser Phantoms.

Jedi Knight Taj Junak made his final stand against Emperor Palpatine's forces on the Academy grounds.

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