"But that’s where you’ll want to go first—Mubo’s Droid Depot. He’s a reasonable fellow, if not to everyone’s taste."
―Salju suggests Vi Moradi speak with Mubo[src]

Mubo was a male Utai and the proprietor of the Droid Depot, a droid construction store in Black Spire Outpost on Batuu.

Mubo programmed droid 8D-J8 for Ronto Roasters owner Bakkar, who later complained about 8D-J8's constant talking. Mubo suggested Bakkar try deactivating and reactivating the droid.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Life as a droid builder[edit | edit source]

"Hey, look, Bakkar. I've reprogrammed 8D-J8 four, five, six times already. You're never happy!"
"Mubo...you need to do it again or I'm going to put a restraining bolt on him."
―Bakkar demands Mubo reprogram 8D-J8[src]

Mubo was the proprietor of Droid Depot.

Mubo was an Utai male and a sixth-generation droid builder native to the Outer Rim planet Batuu.[1] As owner of the Droid Depot shop, he was responsible for programming many of the droids throughout Black Spire Outpost, the planet's largest settlement. One such droid was the pilot droid RX-24, which he purchased from Savi & Son Salvage and repurposed into a DJ, named R-3X, to perform at Oga's Cantina. Oga Garra, the proprietor of the cantina and ruler of Black Spire Outpost, considered the droid as payment of Mubo's debts, allowing the Utai to become the only person in the settlement to have fully paid Garra his dues.[4]

Mubo also reprogrammed the pitmaster droid, 8D-J8, for Bakkar, owner of the Ronto Roasters restaurant. 8D-J8's job was to turn the spit, though he had aspirations of becoming a master chef. The droid's constant rambling about his dreams annoyed Bakkar, who had Mubo reprogram the droid several times.[5]

Assisting Vi Moradi[edit | edit source]

"Oh. Yes. I see now. Half of a PK-Ultra droid and an arm. That’s your unit out front, isn’t it? I thought the price was too good, but it was the sob story that drew me in."
―Mubo to Moradi[src]

Following the arrival of Resistance agent Vi Moradi on Batuu[3] in 34 ABY,[6] during which her ship crashed into the forests outside Black Spire Outpost, Moradi's PK-Ultra worker droid, Pook, was partially salvaged by Jerdan and Royce, two of Oga Garra's goons. The duo sold the droid parts to Mubo, and upon seeing them outside his shop, Salju, the owner of the nearby Black Spire Station, introduced Moradi to the Utai in hopes of getting her back the parts. After being convinced and moved by Moradi's story, Mubo agreed to sell her back the parts for the same price he paid for them, and he offered to repair the droid on top of it as a gesture of kindness.[3]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Mubo will be one of the shopkeepers in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, allowing customers to design and construct miniature droids.[7]

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