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The Mud Sloth was a Verpine Adventurer Model 201, Production Group E starship owned by Akanah Norand Goss Pell. It was used during the Black Fleet Crisis to locate the Fallanassi Circle and Luke Skywalker's mother.

Previously owned by Andras Pell, it became Akanah's after she married him and he died shortly thereafter. Akanah found Luke on Coruscant and then took him on a journey searching for the remaining Fallanassi and among them his supposed mother. The ship had no name, but was christened the Mud Sloth by Luke due to its speed—or lack of.

The two piloted the ship to planets Teyr and Atzerri. Eventually, the two discovered the Fallanassi were hidden on J't'p'tan, and made their way to the planet. Once there, the two parted ways.

Its sublight speed rating was 2.5. The hyperdrive motivator had remained a Block 1 standard, but the navigational deflector array was upgraded from a Block 1 standard to Block 3 standard. The ship also contained a single-width sleeper, small refresher unit that was curtained off, and a meal-service console that offered three drink selections.

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