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Mudhorns were large, horned, non-sentient creatures whose main habitat was the desert. Mudhorns had grey skin, brown wool, brown eyes, a horn, and spikes along their backs.[1] Small hairless mudhorns only had grey skin and a horn.[2]

The mudhorn was an extremely territorial creature by nature and it was considered hard to domesticate them; only expert handlers were able to do it.[1] By 3626 BBY,[3] mudhorns had been domesticated and used as riding animals[1] and pet companions.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Mudhorns first appeared in the Star Wars Legends continuity as a purchasable mount in the Onslaught expansion of BioWare's 2011 massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Star Wars: The Old Republic,[1] specifically Update 6.1.4 released in 2020.[4] The mudhorn was originally introduced in the new canon continuity in[5] the second episode of the first season[6] of the television series The Mandalorian, "Chapter 2: The Child,"[5] which aired on November 15, 2019.[6]

A promotional picture for the "Desert Mudhorn Mount" item on the game's official website features an individual with Mandalorian armor riding a mudhorn in the deserts of the planet Tatooine.[4]



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