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Mudmub's Rodian partner was a bounty hunter that took part in Risso Nu's coup to kill Boba Fett.


He had a grudge against Boba for killing his old partner, and kept what remained of his partner's head in a small jar at his belt. He seemed to be armed only with a shoulder-mounted blaster cannon, which was attached to his body armor. Mudmub was serving as his new partner during the coup. He, Mudmub, and Risso guarded the armory, while the others went to kill Fett while he was taking a bath while his armor was being maintained. After Risso heard that Fett had not been killed, he sent the Rodian and Mudmub to try to kill Fett themselves, for the Rodian's "old partner". Unfortunately, the Rodian and Mudmub were ambushed, Mudmub being attached to the Rodian's back. "That sounds like your new partner." was the last statement that he ever heard.


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