The Mugaari were a species of humanoids native to Mugaar in the Bruanii sector. They were heavy-browed and lantern-jawed, with slate-colored skin.


Prior to the Ruusan Reformations, the Mugaari had ruled a small empire of eleven worlds in what became known as the Greater Javin, stretching as far as Gentes, where they subjugated the native Ugnaughts and forced them into slavery. Sometime after 1000 BBY, the Galactic Republic forcibly annexed Mugaari Space. Thereafter the Mugaari resented Humans for ending their reign in the Javin sector. Their refusal to cooperate with Human settlers led them to become less wealthy than the other native species of the region, the Lutrillians and the Nothoiins, whom they saw as collaborators.

A pirate faction of the Mugaari known as the Mugaari pirates also fought as a resistance movement in the Javin sector against the new established Galactic Empire, but more specially after the Battle of Hoth, aiding Rebel Alliance forces evacuating the Anoat sector.



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