"Glad to share my skills with someone talented."

Muheeda was a Human male Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order on the planet Tython during the Cold War between the Republic and the Sith Empire. Fair-skinned with green eyes and gray hair, Muheeda sported facial hair in sections on both sides of his mouth. Trained as a Jedi Knight with a single lightsaber, the Jedi Master became a combat instructor on Tython and could often be found in the Archives of the Jedi Temple.[1] In 3643 BBY,[2] Muheeda employed the Mirialan Padawan Aven to inform new students that he was willing to teach them in the use of both lightsabers and the Force.[1] Muheeda carved the names of fallen Jedi into the hilt of his lightsaber as a constant reminder of the cost of aggression.[3]

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Muheeda's previous appearance

Muheeda first appears in the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, released by BioWare and LucasArts in 2011, as the skill trainer for the Jedi Knight class on the starting planet of Tython. He initially appeared as a green-skinned Rodian until the release of Game Update 1.2, when he was changed to a Human male for unknown reasons. In the mission "The Arm That Holds the Saber," which Jedi Knight players acquire upon arriving at the Jedi Temple for the first time, Aven tells players to meet with Muheeda to learn new skills.[1] Muheeda's location is also identified in the Star Wars: The Old Republic Explorer's Guide, released simultaneously with the game.[4]



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