Among the Nimbanese species, a muhndee was a puzzle-solving competition, usually held between rival clans.

Clan rivalries were a potent force in early Nimbanese history, but open warfare was unheard of. Instead, rival clans would present each other with a riddle, conundrum, or mathematical problem which had to be solved within one Nimbanese year (equivalent to 0.6 standard years). These allowed clan rivalries to die down into generally friendly competitions.

The practice of the muhndee shaped Nimbanese culture: they developed an incredibly complicated bureaucracy, and a fondness for concealing information within layers of redundant data. Unlike other species, whose rival nations threatened one another with armies and arsenals, Nimbanese clans continued to challenge one another with puzzles and paperwork.

Even when the Nimbanels became allies and servants of the Hutts, the practice of muhndees continued. The individual Nimbanese states were led by clan councils, who won their position through winning electoral muhndees held every five Nimbanese years between family heads.


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