The Mulissiki were a non-sentient reptilian species indigenous to Cularin in the Cularin system.[1]

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Mulissiki were meter-long, four-legged creatures with smooth skin, long, thin tails, and long noses. Their skin was primarily brown with irregular streaks of green and white, a natural survival adaptation to their environment. The Mulissiki had a prehensile nose and search in trees and mounds for refuse, usually living off the waste of other creatures.[1] Despite their eating habits, the species spent a lot of time remaining clean. The creatures could be found cleaning themselves near waterholes and rivers after gathering food.[1] Mulissiki sensed their surroundings by using whisker-like antennae on their faces, which were capable of detecting pressure changes in the air. The creatures lived everywhere on the planet, even on the highest mountain ranges. Even when there was no apparent food source, this hardy species managed to thrive.

Interaction with other speciesEdit

As scavengers, the Mulissiki did not normally attack larger creatures, although they might defend a particularly good scavenging area, such as a garbage dump. Though they could cower and hide, when really threatened the species emitted a stinky cloud of gas that forced many species, native and alien to the planet alike, to flee the area. The local Tarasin often ate the creatures after cooking them thoroughly, finding them quite tasty. Interestingly enough, the native Kilassin would only eat these creatures if they were clean or in the process of cleaning.

Mulissiki were often found near settlements, scavenging off the waste of sentients. The Tarasin did not have a problem with them, but the platform cities found them to be a nuisance, for once they found their way up on a platform (by accidentally hitching a ride on an airspeeder usually), they had no way to get back down.[1]



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